Mhaya Brands Launches Trillions NFT Giveaway Scholarship

by BSC News

June 4, 2023


The program aims to provide web3 users the opportunity to earn and practice their skills in the Mhaya Game.

FreePlay-to-Earn (FP2E) GameFi Mhaya Brands has launched the Trillions NFT Giveaway Scholarship Program on May 30, 2023 (UTC) as part of the celebrations for the upcoming Mhaya Pre-Staking Beta on July 5, 2023 (UTC). 

This program aims to support users in the web3 space and provide them with the opportunity to earn and practice their skills in Mhaya Game using P2E NFTs.

Mhaya Brands has already established partnerships with various guilds and ecosystems, including Kucoin KCC, Bitkeep, MGG, AGBA, Debox, Dorahacks, Nautilus Chain, Margarine Guild, LGG(Japan), and more, totaling over 66 guides and ecosystems.

The scholarship will distribute a total of 430,260 NFTs, with a combined value of 30,851,630 USD, to different segments of the web3 community. These segments include the Public chain community (30%), Marketplace participants (30%), Guild members (20%), and Project contributors (20%). The intention behind this initiative is to assist a wide range of users in developing their earning skills within the Mhaya Game platform.

What is Mhaya:

Mhaya is a free NFT-based 2-earn multi-chain game. It is derived from the classic game Monopoly, conducting gaming and earning experiences based on different NFTs. 

Mhaya Brands plans to collaborate with prominent web3 ecosystems to support blockchain gamers and propel the entire industry towards a rapid growth phase.

Learn about Mhaya via the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram