Metaverse Marketplace ARize Announces Partnership With Avatar Platform Ready Player Me

The partnership will streamline the production and accessibility of metaverse accessories and NFT-related content.

October 28, 2021

New Deal Struck

Metaverse marketplace and content services provider ARize is partnering with avatar platform Ready Player Me to develop NFT-enabled avatar accessories for the metaverse. In the future, Ready Player Me users will be able to purchase and bring their avatar and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) accessories with them across Web3. ARize will provide content delivery and rights management technologies to enhance avatar accessory performance and monetization.

“Avatar customization assets are an important part of self-expression in virtual worlds. We look forward to utilizing ARize’s content services to power NFT-accessory experiences that people will love.” Timmu Tõke, CEO at Ready Player Me stated.

ARize supports the creation and distribution of NFT-enabled virtual goods and is developing a suite of rights management tools for digital assets. Creators will be able to set ownership parameters to include collaborators (fractionalized ownership) and advanced asset licensing capabilities that support both sales and streaming royalties. ARize has also developed proprietary edge computing and server-side rendering technologies that will be utilized to accelerate the delivery of Ready Player Me NFT assets throughout the metaverse.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ready Player Me and look forward to supporting identity ownership efforts,” Aryan Behzadi, Co-Founder of Arize commented.

About ARize

ARize is a virtual goods marketplace and content delivery service for the metaverse. Their mission is to empower creators and developers to build the future of the metaverse, faster. ARize technology enables creators to deliver 3D assets and augmented reality on any website. They currently power thousands of immersive assets from partners like Duux, Elho, and Blendmount. Learn more on the ARize dApp.

About Wolf3D

Wolf3D was founded in 2014 by Timmu Tõke, Kaspar Tiri, Rainer Selvet, and Haver Järveoja, and has been developing selfie-based digital avatar technology for the past seven years with a mission to power the next generation of online identity creation. In 2020, Wolf3D launched the Ready Player Me avatar creator for developers, kick-starting the company’s track record in becoming the avatar identity standard for the metaverse.

Wolf3D’s overall investment to date is $3.7 million, with U.S. and European investors including Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka, CTRL Labs’ Joshua Duyan and Bolt CEO Markus Villig. The company currently employs 30 people in 10 countries, and with 40% MoM partner growth, it is on track to raise a Series A in 2021.

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