Master Key Finance Redefines BNB Chain Projects with Unique Launch Strategy

MKF's PoRTAL will play a crucial role in the MKF ecosystem by facilitating rewards distribution, staking, bounty listings, and more.

Since its original development stages in the spring of 2022, $MKF has established large agreements with other BSC projects, rebranded its utility base, and established a new rewards distribution under USDT stablecoin. Reviewing the Master Key White paper will also depict that the total supply of tokens has been reduced from the original 1 quadrillion token to only 1 billion total supply of MKF tokens. Launching with said utilities, Master Key Finance has stated that a Dapp named “PoRTAL” will assist in the mechanics of the $MKF ecosystem and feed into the rewards distribution. This application or Dapp “PoRTAL” is said to be the staging area of not only the Rewards Dashboard but Staking, bounty listings, and so much more. A trailing hint to what is “so much more” as stated by the CEO of Master Key Finance Jay is, “Bringing the digital crypto project into a brick-and-mortar position, and the additional everyday use cases to be released will do just that.”

Sales of MKF

  • Seed Sale (Filled): 240M tokens- Rate is 1 BNB = 600K tokens, no tax, vested for 12 months (4 months post-launch), buy in 5 BNB, max bag 3M tokens (80 slots)
  • Private Sale (90% Filled) 80M tokens – Rate is 1 BNB = 400K tokens, no tax, vested for 6 months, buy in 5 BNB, max bag 2M (40 Slots).
  • Presale (70% Filled) 280M tokens – Rate: 1 BNB = 350K tokens, no tax, no vesting period, min buy. 1.0 BNB, max buy 5 BNB, max bag 1.75M
  • 500 BNB Hard Cap. 250 BNB Soft Cap.

Launching details

Last December, MKF decided to launch on the Novation platform and did quite well despite horrible market conditions. With a Hard Cap (HC) of 800 BNB, MKF made an impressive 380 BNB but did not want to force a chart due to the shortfall. Retracting and regrouping, the team reimbursed all WL and publicly transferred BNB, and withdrew back to the drawing board. Since then, Master Key Finance ($MKF) has seen exponential growth since last December's launch attempt, focusing on the MKF image, branding measure, utility focus, and binding the space with assistance with other token advertising and sales. This has brought to light 6 outstanding handshakes to create a new powerhouse expectation within the BSC network. Not only will the PoRTAL catalyst this internetworking of projects, but also the binding system of advertising this system brings allow new and experienced crypto enthusiasts opportunities to grow their worth.

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Go in and grab a WL spot for yourself! Be a part of the Master Keys and pave a new way for BSC projects! 

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