LOM Ecosystem Sees Significant Revamp With NFT Staking Introduced

The Itam Games and Prunebomb collaborate to give LOM 's ecosystem a restructure along with an incentivization mechanism.

Anirudh Tiwari
October 5, 2021
BSC News

A Token Economy Introduced

Itam Games’ Lime Odyssey M (LOM) game ecosystem got a major revamp on Monday under the Prunebomb development system, including a token economy with LOM tokens, a burning mechanism, and game rewards in LOM.

LOM is a free-to-play, play-to-earn, multiplay (PVP) role-playing game (RPG) published by Itam games. The introduction of the token economy will allow users to acquire and build mercenaries on the game using LOM tokens in conjunction with the pre-existing ITAM tokens, the native token of the game publishers. 25% of all LOM tokens are allocated to in-game rewards through competitions such as red dungeons and battles.

“Prunebomb and ITAM will always put community first in delivering user satisfaction by grafting blockchain onto LOM. Our new LOM ecosystem will set a new standard for blockchain games and will only mature and progress with the users,” mentioned Itam in their official Medium blog from October 4th.

Itam also released the LOM Non-fungible Token (NFT) staking pool on the same day, which allows users to stake Prunebomb NFTs and earn LOM tokens in return. As compensation for a Google Play anomaly, Itam is distributing additional NFT to mine LOM tokens. Users that have earned a coupon code from opening an INO pack can claim Prunebomb NFTs at Mypage and stake it through the pool.

About the Itam Games

Itam is a gaming platform that utilizes blockchain technology to give true ownership of digital assets to users. The platform also allows the users to lease Itam NFTs amongst users in the ecosystem. LOM is the first blockchain-enabled game that utilizes the ITAM Middleware. This service enables game developers to access NFT linked blockchain functions in existing games, even with no background for blockchain development. However, currently, the blockchain version of the game is deferred by Google Play Store as its name coincides with the existing League of Maidens game.

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