Lively Chat Featuring ApeSwap Marks Inaugural DeFi Direct Discord Event

Event on Discord caps off the ApeSwap WenNewsSer campaign, and seeds of further events appear on the horizon.

Kyle Heise
November 20, 2021
BSC News

DeFi Direct AMA Invites Users In

The DeFi Direct Discord is open and kicked off an AMA on Friday, Nov. 19th, at 19:00 UTC. Head of Growth for DeFi Direct, Drew the Ace, led Rafiki, Chief Marketing Officer of ApeSwap, and Quile, Editor at BSC News, through a rousing chat about Decentralized Finance and the general health of the crypto industry. 

The talk began highlighting the recent updates from the Wen News Ser campaign by ApeSwap. Rafiki explained the origins behind the campaign and detailed all the updates, notably the coming Non-Fungible Bananas (NFBs). Hopefully, the NFBs can be a new source of fun for ApeSwap fanatics who have been priced out of the incredibly popular Non-Fungible Apes

“One of the most enjoyable listens I have had in a while,” said Mostafa Salem, DeFi Direct Events Coordinator. “Really need to do these conversational events more often.”

Future talks and events are expected to be recorded and uploaded to the DeFi Direct YouTube for future reference. The technical team at DeFi Direct confirmed in the Discord Channel that this first round had some difficulties in figuring out how Discord functions. 

The inaugural AMA under the new parent company of BSC News is the first in what is expected to be a bonanza of events on Discord. If you think BSC News has been top of their game event-wise, just wait till you see what is coming for 2022. 

“That was awesome!” exclaimed Rafiki in a private message following the event. “We should have a[nother] spot here soon.”

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Kyle Heise

Born and raised in the East Bay of California. He has studied and worked on three continents and lived in eight countries. Kyle resides in San Francisco. He holds bags mostly in Ethererum, Cake, and BSC GameFi projects.

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