$LeMeMe - a Web3 Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform

With a mission to use blockchain for the betterment of society, LeMeMe claims to reimagine the role of cryptocurrencies and DeFi in the average consumer’s life.

January 9, 2022

The Mission

The LeMeMe team believes that despite the countless practical applications of digital-ledger technology being realized recently, the world of crowdfunding has remained relatively untouched. 

LeMeMe is a humble team’s ambitious endeavor to flip that reality on its head and bring some much-needed disruption to the crowdfunding space. 

The Crowdfunding Industry is Ripe for Disruption

The crowdfunding sector is growing exponentially, with the overall market projected to cross $196 billion by 2025. Many believe that the pandemic-spurred chaos will further accelerate the growth in those figures. 

However, despite the public’s rising interest in starting crowdfunding projects and contributing to them, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) world has yet to make an impactful contribution. Centralized platforms are growing unchallenged due to the lack of interest by the blockchain community. 

The victims of this stagnation are the marginalized members of the community who need help the most. Think of the burned-out health workers, the starving artists with a dream, the local mom-and-pop stores struggling in the face of monopolistic corporate interests, and the social activists trying to make the world a better place. 

With centralized platforms charging a minimum of 4% platform fee and another 4-5% payment processing fee, a significant portion of the funding goes to corporate interests. Furthermore, centralized platforms fail to support many struggling communities from distant countries, all thanks to the legal hurdles posed by the traditional finance system. 

LeMeMe is Reimagining the Concept of Crowdfunding

Instead of putting band-aids on an outdated system, LeMeMe is completely reimagining the concept of crowdfunding according to its team

In a typical campaign, a person or a group starts a campaign, and then public members contribute to it with their hard-earned savings. LeMeMe is turning that equation on its head by introducing powerful mechanisms from the world of DeFi to the process. 

For instance, community members can contribute to a project in other ways if they cannot afford to contribute financially. From budding writers to creative designers and social media influencers, anyone from any walk of life can join the campaign and play their vital part in making the world a better place. 

Furthermore, LeMeMe believes in rewarding the generosity of contributors by incentivizing and thus maximizing community interactions. LeMeMe will achieve this by creating a rare collectible Non-Fungible Token (NFT) of every campaign in a way that captures the story, inspiration, and sentiments of everyone involved. The team will then auction the rare NFT in an open market and then distribute 30% of the proceeds to the people who made that campaign possible with their contributions. 

Another exciting aspect of LeMeMe is that the platform will raise operational funding through various NFT drives. Apart from the rare collection with a single NFT for every successful campaign, LeMeMe will utilize personal collections with physical drop shipping and collaborative collections to fund the ongoing operations and expansion of the platform. These initiatives aim to create a sustainable platform with zero fees to end-users. 

By rewarding the public’s contributions, incentivizing generosity, and cutting platform fees to zero, LeMeMe claims to be bringing a new era of crowdfunding that will elicit new levels of public participation. 

Blockchain is the Perfect Medium for Crowdsourcing

NFTs are just one of the many blockchain applications that LeMeMe will utilize. 

All transactions will take place using the native $LeMeMe token, for starters. As a result, neither the campaign creators nor the contributors will pay any platform fee. This concept is far from the +4% platform and 4-5% payment processing fees charged by centralized counterparts. 

Another crucial differentiator from centralized alternatives is the lack of legal hurdles regarding reachable demographics. LeMeMe will leverage Blockpass KYC to bring innovative offers to some of the most remote areas on the planet, the struggling communities that centralized competitors cannot approach due to legal limitations. The unbanked segment of the global population is another demographic that LeMeMe can uplift thanks to the widespread availability of cryptocurrencies. 

Furthermore, blockchain by design is a publicly-traceable and transparent ledger. LeMeMe will take things one step further by deploying all tokens from the $LeMeMe Metamask wallet. This way, every transaction on the network will be easily traceable and publicly verifiable, bringing unparalleled transparency to this decentralized crowdfunding platform. 

LeMeMe is also bringing some exciting features of its own. An example of this is the support for seven different mainnets. This way, if transaction fees spike on one network, the crowdfunding campaigns on LeMeMe will continue uninterrupted as the team can easily switch operations to another network. 

Mainstream Appeal

While cryptocurrency adoption continues to hit new all-time highs, the total number of verified wallets still stands around 139 million. That means 98% of the world population still has to embrace the blockchain revolution in terms of percentage. 

LeMeMe is betting on mainstream appeal by catering to the tastes of the typical consumer. The entire ecosystem wraps the layers of complex solutions with intuitive interfaces and social marketing. 

For instance, every transaction on the LeMeMe ecosystem will be in $LeMeMe tokens. The tokens, represented by a friendly bird mascot NFT, bring the fun and adorable aspects of meme tokens into the equation. 

What sets this project different from other tokens is the lack of any complicated tokenomics such as inflationary or deflationary mechanisms, multi-tiered reflections, or, as the founders put it, "any kind of tokenomical abracadabra." 

With $LeMeMe, the only tokenomics users need to know is the fixed supply of 307 million tokens. 

The team also believes in bringing untapped demographics into the fold of decentralized finance by launching marketing initiatives on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Most blockchain projects appeal to the same demographics on select platforms like Twitter and Telegram. 

LeMeMe believes that expanding and reaching out to new communities on previously untapped platforms can bring new demographics into the ecosystem and spark another wave of blockchain adoption. 

Community at the Heart

Innovative and community-first initiatives are a description that captures the ethos of the LeMeMe brand immaculately. Between the crowdfunding project creators, financial contributors, and all the participants who bring a diverse set of skills to the table, LeMeMe is democratizing crowdfunding by opening up the platform to everyone from every walk of life. 

For more information about LeMeMe and their currently active pre-sale funding, readers can explore the following links: 

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