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Launchpool Labs and xG to Collaborate on P2E Sports Experience

xG Studios seeks to build an NFT system where people earn rewards while playing real-life sports.

New PlaytoEarn Approach

Launchpool Labs has announced the latest project to join its incubation protocol. The new addition is the upcoming playtoearn NFT platform, xG Studios, which seeks to conduct a pre-seed and seed funding campaign, as well as a pre-IDO through Launchpool.

xG Studios is a playtoearn platform that aims to incentivize sports participation at the grassroots. Most sports-based NFT protocols pay so much attention to elite athletes. The choice of which athletes to use for the NFTs of those protocols is largely determined by the pedigree of the athlete, effectively limiting the benefits to a small subset of athletes. xG Studios wants to change the narrative and make the benefits of playtoearn NFTs available to every athlete.

"Launchpool Labs would like to welcome @Studios_xG to our lineup! @studios_xG is building a new Play-to-Earn space for multiple different sports, composable dynamic NFTs, and the xG utility token", Launchpool tweeted on January 19 to announce the collaboration.

Unlike most other protocols where users earn while playing in a virtual environment, xG is a real-life playtoearn protocol. It rewards athletes and players through a system that enables them to earn personalised NFTs and other tokens when they take part in real-life sports. xG Studios presents a different vista to playtoearn NFTs, an idea that seems pretty cool. 

xG Studios aspires to develop an NFT ecosystem that will benefit athletes in all sports. Beginning with playtoearn products tailored towards football, the platform plans to eventually diversify into other sports.

What is Launchpool Labs?

Launchpool Labs is the project incubator arm of Launchpool. It is designed to primarily benefit the community and is not specific to any particular blockchain network. It enables the community to co-build with incubated projects and have early access to investment opportunities. 

Where to find Launchpool Labs

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | LinkedIn 

What is xG Studios? 

xG Studios is a playtoearn sports participation NFT platform and marketplace. It uses real-world sports data and dynamic NFTs and aims to build a new playtoearn multi-sports economy where players can earn rewards for taking part in real-life sports.

Where to find xG Studios

Website | Twitter | Medium

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