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Landshare Launches New Tokenized Asset Sale

The new property remodels the protocol’s previous offering to yield more rewards for investors.

New Tokenized Asset Offering

Landshare introduced a new Tokenized Asset Sale to its growing ecosystem, ensuring users profit more from real estate investment through Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The protocol’s announcement on June 21 shows that the latest property offering will offer investors improved annual returns. According to Landshare’s explanation to BSC News, the latest Tokenized Asset Sale remodels the cash flow of its previous property, which sold out on the BNB Chain.

“After selling out the first property tokenized real estate offering on BSC, the team has worked hard to scale our platform and incorporate more properties faster. We just launched our next Tokenized Asset Offering, which is a recently remodeled cash flow that comes with an estimated annual return of 18.20%,” the Landshare team told BSC News

The team also disclosed that the Landshare Real Estate token would be traded on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) shortly: 

“In addition to the new offering, our Real Estate Tokens will soon be tradeable on a DEX - just like any other token on the market. The ability to buy and sell real estate instantly is one of the ways that the blockchain is revolutionizing the way real estate is done.”

Interested users should visit the property page to invest with just $50 and reap the rewards of holding real estate assets. 

What Is Landshare:

Landshare is a property platform built on BNB Chain, created to bring real-world tangible assets on-chain. With Landshare, users can own a stake in yield-generating tokenized real estate.

The platform works similarly to most yield protocols on the BNB Chain network. Landshare generates value from rentals, real estate, and flipping properties rather than attaching revenue generation to tokenomics or intangible concepts.

Where to find Landshare:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | YouTube 

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