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Landshare Completes First Real-Estate Sale on Binance Smart Chain

First tokenized real estate property opens the door for tangible ownership to users all over the world.

First Real Estate Property on Landshare

The first tokenized real-estate sale has gone live, as of Nov. 30, on Landshare, listing a property in Fargo, North Dakota. For the first time on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), users can invest digital assets for a stake in a tangible real estate property in the United States.

The property was first teased a few months ago, but after a few months of satisfying regulatory and compliance questions, the property is officially for sale. The three bedroom, two bath carries a price of $170,000 with a $10,000 renovation budget. The estimated 1-year return is nearly 17% and the minimum investment is $50.

“Cryptocurrency is typically viewed as highly speculative and volatile, while real estate tends to be the opposite. Tokenized assets offer a great way to diversify into the real estate market without ever leaving the blockchain,” Landshare CEO Jordan Friske exclusively shared to BSC News. We are excited to see how asset-backed tokens fit into the broader realm of DeFi and cryptocurrency as a whole.”

What has traditionally been a common way to uplift from poverty, real estate functions as equity capable of massive social mobility. Fractional real estate has become increasingly common in traditional markets as well. Landshare combines all that. It sees massive potential in the tokenization of real estate property that can help bring real estate closer to individuals. The listing is accessible on the Landshare app but is restricted to certain jurisdictions.

“We firmly believe that tokenization is the future of fractional real estate investment. We've seen fintech and crypto disrupting traditional finance for years, and we believe real estate is the next industry to be transformed,” Friske continued. “Tokenization provides a seamless, global entry point into the market, regardless of your income level. With Landshare, you can invest in real world assets for as little as $50."

The first property listed by Landshare is in a market labeled as the second-most flippable in the United States, according to recent ATTOM data. Users who buy into the fractionalized real-estate will get a bonus NFT, that is promised, via Medium blog on Dec. 3rd, to come further benefits. The future looks bright for those who can get in on a Landshare. 

"After months of tireless work, we are thrilled to launch our first tokenized asset offering. With blockchain real estate being a new concept, there were several legal and technical barriers to overcome in order to make this a possibility,”  Friske concluded. “Along with the help of our partner Stobox, we were able to overcome them and bring real estate to BSC for the first time.”

**Asset Tokens are securities offered under SEC Regulation S and require KYC to purchase. Certain geographic restrictions apply. For a list of ineligible countries, please visit: **

About Landshare

Landshare is a property platform built on Binance Smart Chain, created to bring real-world tangible assets on-chain. With Landshare, users can own a stake in yield generating tokenized real estate.

The platform works similarly to most yield protocols on the BSC network. Landshare generates value from rentals, real estate, and flipping properties rather than attaching revenue generation to tokenomics or intangible concepts. 

Where to find Landshare:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram

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