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KuCoin Postpones Baby Doge Trading Until April 19, Hosts $50K ‘Landing Party’

KuCoin offers $50K giveaway to celebrate $BabyDoge’s listing.

KuCoin Throws $BabyDoge Party

Sorry, Baby Doge Coin fam, you’re going to have to wait one more day until $BabyDoge is able to be traded on KuCoin. According to the Centralized Exchange, they decided to postpone active trading of $BabyDoge until 10 a.m. UTC on Wednesday, April 19, at “the request of the BABYDOGE project.”

As BSC News reported previously, the KuCoin listing is the largest to-date for the BNB Chain MemeFi project and the first time $BabyDoge will be available on a top 5 Centralized Exchange, although the dog-themed token is listed on three other top 10 exchanges.

While trading is on hold, KuCoin has given the Baby Doge community something to wag their tails about. The exchange is hosting a “Baby Doge Landing Party” with a prize pool totaling $50,000 in $BabyDoge.

Meanwhile, Baby Doge is getting in on the celebration, too, by hosting a $500 giveaway to one lucky follower of the project’s official Twitter account.

Deposits of $BabyDoge were enabled on KuCoin on Monday. The 24-hour postponement only affects the market opening of trading pair BabyDoge/USDT.

What is Baby Doge Swap:

Baby Doge Swap is the acclaimed “son” of the popular meme token, DOGE. Baby Doge Swap started out as Baby Doge Coin and is a hyper-deflationary system that progressively increases its scarcity and increases its liquidity. The project is now a fully Decentralized Exchange with swaps, liquidity pools, yield farming, and more. Baby Doge considers its primary utility as building a fun meme community to spread awareness of animal adoption.

Where to find Baby Doge Swap:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Swap |

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