Kuber Finance - Get Free Airdrops Just for Holding

With an interesting approach to incentivizing holders, Kuber is building a community that expands exposure for new projects and their community.

December 20, 2021

Introducing Kuber Finance

Kuber Finance is a BEP-20 token project based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project seeks to encourage new investors with a handful of incentives that substantially reward holders.

The platform is centered around biweekly airdrops to holders that contain various different tokens. The airdrops are free and can be anything from brand new project tokens to established giants like BTC and ETH.

How it Works

Kuber distributes airdrops biweekly to any wallet holding the $KUBER token. The airdrop tokens are acquired at discounted rates through transaction fees and are then distributed for free. The $KFT token (formerly $KUBER) has no buy tax to encourage new investors to buy the token. The investors are then incentivized against selling from the airdrops, increasing the demand for $KFT. This is done by instituting both holder rewards and anti-dumping mechanisms implemented into the smart contract. The sell tax will slowly decrease over time (starting at 24% and decreasing by 1% each day) and there are limits to how much $KFT can be sold at once. In addition there is a locking period in between sales, limiting rapid-fire dumps which could crash its price.

How Airdrops are Selected

Tokens selected for airdrops are chosen by the investment committee and governed by the Kuber Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). 

Investors decide who is on the investment committee, and the committee is responsible for finding projects to airdrop tokens from. These tokens can vary from established tokens like BTC, partner projects, tokens with a strong argument for growth, tokens acquired at whitelist price, and Kuber-backed projects.

Committee members will also receive 5% of the airdrop tokens as a fee for their work. 5% of the funds will be used to develop and promote the Kuber platform.

$KFT Tokenomics


The $KFT token is fairly straight-forward in its tokenomics. The project relies on its innovative airdrop mechanism and lack of buy tax to encourage token buying and holding. Thanks to its anti-dumping mechanisms, the chances of extreme volatility are lower than other tokens.


With an innovative approach to incentivizing holders and building a network of partnerships, Kuber Finance brings a lot to the table for investors looking to maximize their holdings. With anti-dumping mechanisms and a gradually decreasing sales tax, long-term holders are extensively incentivized. 

If you are looking for a token that holds a steady value as well as a way to get exposure to new tokens, Kuber Finance might be the perfect project for you.

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