Kebab Finance Begins Its Journey To Superior and Sustainable Yield Farming

In my initial Kebab Finance article, I stated that the team needed to integrate novel and innovative solutions in the BSC AMM space to succeed. The team has seemed to do precisely this.

Kebab Finance Overview

Kebab Finance is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that leverages Automated Market Making (AMM) technology. These types of DEX's first appeared on the Ethereum network, such as Uniswap and Sushiswap. In Kebab's case, it is specifically a PancakeSwap fork on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which attributes most of its features to SushiSwap on the ETH network.

This exchange model creates seamless token swaps, which are both decentralized and permissionless. This is achieved through using AMM technology coupled with the fundamental aspects of blockchains. Kebab is explicitly focused on providing liquidity in BUSD pairs, creating more liquidity for users who denominate in BUSD.

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For those who are unfamiliar with Kebab Finance check out the following article:

Kebab Finance Project Review: An AMM Incorporating Superior Yield Farming

Superior Yield Farming

The Kebab team has set out to improve upon the traditional AMM model in a novel way, sustainable BTCB and BNB incentives for Kebab stakers. The Kebab Finance team is currently bootstrapping these pools, but they will soon reward users through the Binance Most Valuable Builders (MVB) program and other forms of innovative yield generation. The MVB program allows for 30% of transaction fees on the Kebab Finance protocol to be distributed to the BNB pool. This results in about 150-200 BNB to be distributed to Kebab Stakes monthly, 10-12 BNB per day!

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Not only does the Kebab team plan to integrate Binance BUIDL rewards, they have also invested in Bitcoin Standard Hasrate tokens. This investment earns BTCB though leveraging the BTCSH token, the team currently holds 2420 Hashrate tokens. In turn, most of these rewards are allocated to the community in the BTCB pool. Currently this pool only distributes 11 satoshi's per block, but the team will soon boost these rewards closer to 30 satoshi's per block once the current rewards are exhausted.

Kebab RoadMap

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The team at Kebab Finance has been diligently working to improve their protocol. The team is currently working on a plethora of developments such as a novel burn mechanism, charts and trading history, governance, and a self listing service. The team aims to innovate on deflationary token models specifically; currently, the team plans on leveraging a IFO system to create a deflationary system. Going further, the team continues to refer to a more significant burn mechanism. Details on this mechanism are yet to be released, but the team has noted that "[they] need to be completely transparent to our users about the burn mechanism, it's still in the designing phase, and it will take weeks to come." 

As for the IFO, Kebab is currently working on some partnerships with new protocols. This system allows new projects to receive initial users and liquidity that is bootstrapped by Kebab Finance. This is done by creating a KEBAB x Token LP pool to incentivize liquidity. In return, the participating project will provide an allocation of tokens to KEBAB stakers. This system allows all parties to win as it rewards KEBAB holders, bootstraps new project liquidity, and incorporates a deflationary measure.

Further, I am looking forward to the protocol integrating a user-friendly UI/UX system that the BSC currently lacks. Currently, no BSC protocol provides charting and token history in a "trader friendly" manner. For example, AMM's like PCS and BakerySwap lack trader-friendly UIs. While these are only  a couple of the developments, they are some of the most significant roadmap features that I am looking forward to; for those who wish to seek out the complete list, reference the following Medium article:

Weekly Digest # 3 Public Roadmap

Concluding Thoughts

In my initial Kebab Finance article, I stated that the team needed to integrate novel and innovative solutions in the BSC AMM space to succeed. The team has seemed to do precisely this; with multiple developments in the pipeline that provide innovation to the space, the protocol appears to be on the right track. Kebab continues its rapid growth as the team begins to establish its Ethos in the BSC ecosystem. Overall, Kebab Finance provides users a plethora of stable-coin and high-yield farming pools while simultaneously developing unique solutions to creating the most efficient yield farming AMM. Maybe they truly do have superior yield farming?

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For more information, or if you wish to stay up to date on the project, check out project and media pages:





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