Kebab AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts Kebab, a strategically superior yield farming community on the Binance Smart Chain. All questions were answered by @chefkebabi and @nicholaskebabfi.

February 22, 2021

Nicholas - Kebab Finance: thanks for having us

Chef: Sure I will try to answer the communities question in the most transparent way possible.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): thanks for that sir, I'm sure the audience have waited for quite a while lets get this started !

Q1. Let’s start off with an introduction of Kebab team members? How many team members & what is your role?

Chef: Well , Kebab started as a small and very competent team , we have over 6 years experience on Dapp building and we just wanted to try BSC and what it can offer us , after seeing the immense support from community we expanded our team to 13 members right now and constantly searching for key players to provide more value to our community. I'm the CTO and project lead for Kebab Finance

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): wow thats a big team you have! Nicholas how about you ?

Nicholas - Kebab Finance: Hey, I'm Nicholas and I'm managing our marketing and advertising. I have a lot of experience in the paid advertising space. Looking forward to working with Kebab for a long time to come.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host):thats nice! we all know marketing and adverts are very impt to a project too

Q2. how long has Kebab been on BSC?

Chef: We started discussing exploring Binance Smart Chain on 16th or 17th and 1 week later we started Kebab it was running and fully operational so we can say its only 1 month old.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): thats good stuff.

Q3. During this 1 month what has kebab team achieved?

Chef: Well even though  its been only a month we created our own identity from just being a Pancake fork and builded our own Kebabian community and we are incredibly proud about that, Along with the fact that we have managed to achieve $50,000,000 in TVL during this short period.  we added BNB and BTCB pool for our fellow farmers and try to build a more strategic system that gives real yield from Kebab Finance Dividents. We are quite ecstatic that we get to be part of the ecosystem in Binance smartchain and we will keep providing delicious yield rewards for all our Kebabians.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host):thats quite a good tvl i must say, alot of queries came in on this topic, with inflationary tokens, they seem to just decline,

Q4. do you have any plans of a burn mechanism? If so, how & when?

Chef: Well Burn is a quite interesting topic to discuss but inorder to not bore our audience I will try to simply explain it , we will follow a duo token model burn system with increased yield rewards, It will be unique and experimental for us as well ,however we think it will have positive impact overall in the system also we are planing  to add secondary burn to reduce the pressure like IFOS, NFTS. The Burn mechanism is almost finished it only requires further testing and debugging , after we are sure about it , it will get audited by certik and we will deploy it as an audited contract. I understand that some people are frustrated that we are being in slow in this feature, however its an important aspect to think on for the longevity of the project. Eventhough we listened our community on every suggestion we can't be rushing down this feature just to make our community happy. We need to ensure that its healthy and secure. Trust is everything in DeFi Space. For When It should be quite soon !

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): thats very assuring to the public with the audits and also taking care of their investment. with the burn mechanism in place im sure it will generate a buy pressure.

Q5. you spoke about the Certik audit, can you explain more on it? like is the whole project being audited or just the burn mechanism so far? im sure that will interest the community alot

Chef: Let me explain you about the process a little bit, when you apply for full audit its quite costly and the problem is mostly timeline if you want to push an audited feature you need to make plans and timeline due to high request on Certiks end. So what we will do is , make the burn contract audited first so we can deploy it faster then full audit will come in a month or so thats the timeline we decided. So yes full audit will happen as well.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): i see thats well planned out, so you balanced out the safety of funds and also not to keep the public waiting for the burn contract for too long

Q6. I read that Kebab is on Binance Most Valuable Builders (MVB) program, what does it do and how would it benefit the community?

Chef: Well Binance MVB is quite interesting program and I see it as generosity of CZ , it basically provides edge to popular projects and gives back %30 percent of the Fees to contract owners. It mostly benefit Dapp builders but we wanted to give back some percentage of the BNB we get from our contracts to community. I don't know the plans for MVB but its quite healthy for eco system right now and we will keep putting back a great portion of the BNB we generate from this program to our BNB pool. Also if you compete to the top there are many perks like Binance listing to Certik Audit in this project so from a developer perspective I think its pretty cool.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): ya i think what you guys did was very cool as well, giving back to the community! thats huge to me

Chef:  I want to add few things before the next question

Chef: The strategically superior thing is what we really want to embrace , and we want to give true yield to our farmers. Bnb BTC and ETH and we will be searching these options to improve the yields with our investments.

Q7. So ETH is coming into the staking pool as well?

Chef: Well its not finalized yet but if ETH implements 2.0 fast Why not , anything that yields with staking we are thinking to deliver it back to community. But currently we will focus on BNB and BTCB right now . The options are limited and we actually plan to be BNB validator at some point.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): thats good news and im sure it will get alot of ppl excited about it too

Q8. So far what we have communicated, kebab have been great with safety in mind and also giving back the community but i understand there was an incident leading to kebab being fud, and the team overcame it, could you let us know what happened and how the team recovered from it?

Chef:  Well , as I mentioned before we are competent team but we are new to the DeFi space. So one night I interacted with contract to add SXP/USD pair I suppose and I didn't announce it on telegram and after 10 minutes I noticed a huge Fud wave in the telegram. In my mind I thought everyone can check and understand what a transaction does and everything is visible on blockchain. Well it created a huge fud and I basically devaluated the token with working its the first time in history. We solved the problem with better communication and transparency. We are still learning as a team and those kind of mistakes won't ever happen again. We are communicating on everything we do from now on.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): thats nice i think whats important is learning from it and also clearing it up.. nothing beats keeping everyone in the loop as well..

Q9. What is your top priority to focus on for the next 6 months?

Chef: Well we already explained it on our roadmap but let me clarify the timelines our top priority is obviously Burn and it should be out soon and in the 6 months we want to deliver our users an improved interface to see their profit value of the lp tokens and all these things that will provide ease in use also we plan to add improved graphics to swap part of the Kebab and we can add IFO's and maybe NFT implications according to the course nfts follow in the BSC space. 6 Months is a long amount of time to achieve these things. We will be releasing a live roadmap with estimated timelines this week so people can follow the process.

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host):thats good, you covered the question on the short term plan for kebab as well with that answer..

Q10. I have a question for Nicolas.. Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the vital potential that a project can bring in order to achieve it set goals. What is your/kebab strategy to attract new users and Investor to $KEBAB platform

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): just two more questions and i'll open the room to the public for live questions

Nicholas - Kebab Finance:  Hey, I'm here. And thanks for the question. Everyone knows that marketing and advertising plays an important role for any project in the crypto space, and we know that many of our users are concerned with our marketing efforts in particular. We are acutely aware that new users and investors are crucial to the growth of our project, so we want to let you know that we have spared no expense when it comes to this aspect of Kebab Finance. Without going too much into detail about our strategy, we are actively targeting users who show interest in the DeFi space and pushing advertising to this specific demographic. This method has shown to work and convert very well for us so we will stick to what works and hopefully in time the results will show for itself. That'll be it for me, thanks again for the question

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): thanks for the answers, and im sure you guys will do well!

Q11. Another popular question is what differentiates Kebab to other yield farms?

Chef: We are exploring some very interesting ideas when it comes to differentiating ourselves from the other DeFi projects in this space, and I don't want to bore everyone here today with too much detail, but our end goal for Kebab Finance is to become a decentralized investment firm providing a multitude of investment products for our users and investors. I'm sure a lot of you can already tell that we have chosen to add strategic farming pairs on Kebab Finance instead of simply adding any random pair. We have put a lot of thought into how we approach running our yield farm and ultimately we want to become a one-stop destination for savvy investors to park their money and have the freedom of investing in completely different kinds of financial products from crypto to precious metals, stocks, and even real estate. As I mentioned above we are still searching for potential investments that can turn back to our users as a yield.

Q12. Nicely said, and one last question, can you provide any alpha for the audience here?

Chef: Well well :D

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): hahaa, we just want more don’t we?

Chef: They might expect one CEX listing this week , because due to disclaimer on coingecko we decided to work with a CEX , and burning is sooner than they expected. Did I over do the alpha ? !

KDOT: Yes :D

Chef: Oops

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): hahaha not at all ! im sure you kept the public very happy!

Q13. do you have any links that the public can refer to for more info or questions to ask about kebab? *after you dropped a big alpha im sure the links will be most useful

Chef: Well we always openly communicate with our community and I even find time to answer my DM'S so they can follow our official channels for any kind of information

Contract address : 0x7979f6c54eba05e18ded44c4f986f49a5de551c2

Official Website:

Github :

announcements:  https://t.m/kebabfinanceannouncement 

Telegram Group:

Twitter : 


Crypto Shrimp (AMA host): ok i think thats very kind of you guys to stay around for so long to answer more questions.

Chef: Thank you for everyone who submitted their questions obviously I would love to answer all of those, however its not possible. We will keep communicating every step of the project but I need to attend a meeting now.

Nicholas - Kebab Finance: Thank you for having us. And for all the great questions

Crypto Shrimp (AMA host):  thank you @chefkebabi @nicholaskebabfi for coming over to bsc news for this AMA it has been my great pleasure hosting it too! we wish you all the best in kebab! We will have a transcript up on our site very soon for anyone that missed the AMA.

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