KALM Token Ready to Launch Through PancakeSwaps Initial Farm Offering

Kalmar is set to launch its native token KALM on May 27th via PancakeSwap.

Robert D. Knight
May 26, 2021
BSC News

The Launch of KALM Token

Kalmar, a decentralized bank powered by DeFi and NFTs, will launch its token using PancakeSwaps highly regarded Initial Farm Offering (IFO) system. The launch will also see the company simultaneously seek funds via its NFT Fundraiser platform.

The Kalmar token is designed as the utility token of the ecosystem so that it has a, “bright, stable, and robust future.” The project is seeking to create a DeFi banking platform with a range of tools and functionality. So far, Kalmar has built two tools, a leveraged farming tool offering 3x yields, and an NFT marketplace. 

As described by Kalmar  “We believe that [our] tokenomics has to work alongside practical and beneficial products for users to achieve success here in the crypto space.”

Two Launches

Both launches will take place at 1PM UTC on Thursday, May 27th.

The first of the two launch options which users will be invited to participate in is the PancakeSwap IFO:

Amount to be raised: $2,500,000

Tokens to be sold: 1,250,000 KALM (12.5% of the supply)

Price per token: $2.00 

After the IFO is concluded, PancakeSwap’s KALM syrup pool and its KALM/BNB farm will go live. This means that token holders can start benefiting from the held tokens almost immediately, should they wish to stake them. For users who prefer the idea of the NFT fundraiser the details are as follows:

Amount to be raised: $400,000

Tokens to be sold: 200,000 KALM (2% of the supply)

Price per token: $2

Total NFTs: 20,000 NFTs

Fundraiser Details:

Min buy: $20 (1 NFT/10 KALM)

Max buy/tx: $400 (20 NFTs/200 KALM)

Levels of NFT rarity: 5


Kalmar has revealed that there are significant reward mechanisms built into the NFT sale. NFTs can be retained, sold, or burned for rewards.



1 Common NFT (19,919 total) = 10 KALM

1 Uncommon NFT (50 total) = 10 KALM + Kalmar Custom Hoodie

1 Rare NFT (25 total) = 10 KALM + Kalmar Custom Nike Air Force 1 07'

1 Very rare NFT (5 Total) = 10 KALM + iPhone 12

1 Legendary NFT (1 Total) = 10 KALM + $5,000 USD

For full details on both the PancakeSwap launch and the NFT launch see the Kalmar blog here.

Concluding Thoughts

Kalmar is a project which is still in its infancy, but offers innovation through leveraged yield farming and a unique NFTs ecosystem. Kalmar has created one of the more interesting launch events in recent memory, offering further incentives for listing participants. If the company can apply that same level of creative thought to their products, there will be plenty of reasons for users to stick with Kalmar. 

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Robert D. Knight

Robert D. Knight is an experienced journalist and copywriter who has been working in crypto for 4+ years. His bags are heavy and he also hodls some cryptocurrency.

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