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K-Pop’s THE SHOW Begins NFT Collection on Featured by Binance

There’s no escaping the rising tide of the K-Pop wave.

K-Pop NFT Wave Arrives to Binance

The BSC News Twitter Spaces was hit by the K-Pop wave cycling through the globe. Coming ahead of a major collaboration between Featured by Binance and The SHOW, Flora Sun, COO of Featured by Binance, and Nathan Yu, CSO of KStarLive joined BSC News Growth Lead Andrew for a quick round of questions to promote THE SHOW FanBox NFT campaign.

As explained in the Twitter Spaces, Featured by Binance is lucky to be teaming with one of the premier K-Pop collaborators. KStarLive and The SHOW work directly with leading K-Pop stars including Everglow and Kim Jawhwan. Both Sun and Yu see K-Pop as a potential catalyst to help merge traditional industries with blockchain through the ever-growing hype.

“K pop industry is actually, one of the industries that can really benefit from NFT technologies. By benefits, I mean I'm not really talking about how they can, you know so to speak, commercialize it,” explained Nathan Yu. “K pop can really transfer the existing market to blockchain and using NFT technology can solve a lot of problems existing in the current market.” 

The upcoming NFT release hopes to ride the amazing K-Pop wave by releasing various forms of content to help transform the industry like it has for traditional media. The NFTs will feature several types of rewards that users can look out for in the release.

The NFTs in the release is not complete as well. Nathan Yu teased that staking and APY boosters could be on the way for users who purchase the NFTs to start earning passive income on their investments. Stay tuned for more info!

What is Featured by Binance

Featured by Binance is the decentralized non-custodial NFT marketplace by Binance. Featured by Binance is accessed by connecting a DeFi wallet to the gallery, and as such the transferring of NFTs requires payment in the form of gas fees. It is not to be confused with Binance NFT which is the centralized NFT marketplace from Binance.

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