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K(AI) NFTs Mint with Special Raffle Offers

The NFT platform is rewarding users who mint its native NFTs within 24 hours with free NFT collections on BNB Chain from PixelSweeper, Oddblox, and Lucky Charms.

K(AI) Mint Goes Live With NFT Rewards 

Community-driven Non-fungible Token (NFT) protocol on BNB Chain, K(AI), launched its unique collection to the public. 

The collection of 3,000 NFTs launched on the Rareboard NFT marketplace on June 28 at 14:00 UTC. The protocol will also give away free elite NFT collections (1 PixelSweeper NFT, 1 Oddblox NFT, and 1 Lucky Charms NFT) to three users who mint NFTs from June 28 till June 29 at 14:00 UTC. 

K(AI)’s CEO, Patrick, confirmed the incentivization to BSC News, stating that users who mint K(AI) NFTs within 24 hours will enter the raffle draw to claim the NFTs. 

“We start minting today at 2 PM UTC. All minted NFTs between that time and 2 PM UTC tomorrow will automatically be in a raffle for 3 NFTs, one from each project,” Patrick wrote to BSC News hours before minting. “So we will pick three winners by randomly picking three minted NFTs, and they will receive their NFT by airdrop.”

The more users mint K(AI) NFTs, the greater their chances of winning at least one of the three top NFT collections. Interested users should visit Rareboard to mint at 0.05 BNB per NFT. Users can mint a maximum of 50 NFTs at once.

What is K(AI) NFT: 

K(AI) is a new NFT platform and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on BNB Chain that rewards users' passive income for holding NFTs. Each NFT from its collection serves as a governance token, allowing holders to have their say on the project’s development. 

Its community-driven nature means users have a direct say in the protocol’s plans and direction on BNB Chain. The protocol’s website details how users will be rewarded for holding its native NFTs. 

Where to find K(AI):

Website | Twitter | Telegram 

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