JustLiquidity Opens Debit Card Pre-Registration, How To Get A Crypto Debit Card

The crypto debit cards will enable users to shop using crypto in more than 60 million outlets worldwide.

Ahamdi Abarikwu
June 17, 2021
BSC News

Latest Innovation for Debit Cards

The feature-rich BSC ecosystem, JustLiquidity, is constantly innovating. JustLiquidity has just announced the next feature coming to the platform. In a tweet on June 7th, the platform disclosed that it would soon launch a virtual/physical crypto debit card. 

They announced pre-registration for a new debit card that will be usable at 60millions stores across the globe. The platform is well-known for features that encourage wider adoption of DeFi and crypto in general. The debit cards will be issued in partnership with Visa.


One of the top features coming from JL is the Blackhole feature that enables users to make utterly private blockchain transactions. JustLiquidity has also integrated Chainlink Oracle's, which will prevent flash loan exploits. The platform also has an adorable JulWallet application. JulWallet is multi-chain compatible and is one of the wallets with the most utility in the entire crypto space.

Features Of JustLiquidity's Crypto Debit Cards

  • JulCard can be used as a debit card to make purchases in more than 60 million online and brick-and-mortar shops worldwide.
  • Users of the card will receive crypto rewards of up to 6%.
  • JulCard will have multi-platform use. It will be Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • The crypto debit card will support transactions in JULD, BNB, and BUSD.

How To Get A JulCard Crypto Debit Card

Pre-registration is already on. The virtual JulCard will be ready by the end of July. Anyone who wants to be among the first recipients of JulCard needs to do the following,

  • Stake JustLiquidity's platform token, the $JULD
  • Pre-register here

Who is JustLiquidity

JustLiquidity is gradually expanding its utility. The platform keeps adding features that enable users to do more with crypto. The upcoming launch of JulCard - JustLiquidity's crypto debit card, is one announcement that is sure to excite the crypto community. JulCard will enable users to make purchases with crypto in Visa's merchant points worldwide. 

For more about JustLiquidity, see the following official links

Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram

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