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Jim Carrey Dropped Secret NFT Collection Under Alias ‘String Bean’

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey secretly dropped an NFT collection on Foundation in May, under his Web3 alias "String Bean."

Actor and Comedian Conducts Secret NFT Drop

Canadian-American actor and comedian Jim Carrey secretly dropped an NFT collection on Foundation on May 9, under his Web3 alias String Bean. Called Germinations, the collection came way before his publicly recognized NFTs on SuperRare in June and August.

Germinations includes five animated and autobiographical paintings by Carrey, each containing audio of the actor narrating the characters depicted in art pieces. The information about the anonymous release was shared with NFT Now via Big Head Club, the Web3 studio behind the NFTs. The highest-selling piece in the collection till now was The Bottles that Empty Me, with a price of 0.55 ETH.

“We were trying to play with the audience,” explained Mack Flavelle, CEO of Big Head Club. “You’re literally looking at Jim Carrey’s face. You’re hearing Jim Carrey narrate [these paintings]. And you don’t know that it’s Jim Carrey. That was part of the play. And it worked.”

Referencing the 2007 Washington, D.C., subway experiment, the String Bean experiment offers some unique insights into how society values art and fame. There were subtle hints and clues to Carrey’s identity on both String Bean’s Twitter and bio page on Foundation - including an acrostic in which the first letter of each line spells out a sentence: “Jim Was Here.”

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