Jetswap Launch Reels in 150M+ in Liquidity, Offering Up To 3,000% APR

The new decentralized exchange quickly added lots of liquidity to their protocol, hoping to become a one-stop shop for DEFI users.

John Tunney
May 21, 2021
BSC News

The Jetswap Exchange

On May 20th, JetFuelFinance released an article via Medium introducing their latest new project, Jetswap. According to their introductory post, Jetswap is an automated market maker running on the Binance Smart Chain powered by the WINGS token. 


 The new DEX via JetFuelFinance aims to become a huge player in the DEX marketplace. Jetfuelfinance has already rolled out yield farms, staking, a launchpad, auto compounding vaults, a reflect and automatic liquidity token GFCE, and a lending and borrowing money market. In just three hours after launch, the Jetswap exchange had 11M in Total Value Locked (TVL).


Launch features include:

  • Swapping and Liquidity
  • WINGS Yield Farming
  • WINGS Staking
  • Info/Analytics Page

Features to come include the following:

  • Voting
  • Lottery
  • Boosted Auto-Compounding Vaults with the WINGS token
  • NFTs
  • IJOs Launchpad
  • Integrating Jetfuel and Jetswap into 1 UI.


Jet Fueled Farming

Finally, the question on everyone’s mind, what does their yield farming look like? Below, one can see the currently high APR rates being offered by Jetswap at the time of writing. 


Their launch farm list includes:


Notable Project Characteristics

  • Jetfuel aims to have future roll outs, including massive burns, to check the supply of WINGS. The team has hardcoded 2,880 WINGS to automatically burn every single day. 
  • Farming is now live
  • There is a .3% Swap fee, where .25% goes to the liquidity providers and .05% goes into Jetswap’s treasury 
  • The project has been audited twice, and is running on PancakeSwap’s audited code

About Jetfuelfinance

Jetfuel is a yield farming and yield aggregator protocol that combines properties from the most successful DeFi projects such as Compound, Fry.World, Yearn and Harvest on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

Jetswap is an AMM on Binance Smart Chain that is powered by the WINGS token. It is one of the initial products being offered by Jetfuel.

A New DEX 

Jetswap offers farmers and DEX users a powerful platform with many different applications. Although quite new, the yields are very competitive with the more established DEXs in the crypto cosmos. It’s always interesting examining the new protocols and projects, and Jetswap definitely has caught the attention of the market. JetSwap is shaping up to be a fun project to follow, and hopefully will continue to see extensive value being locked in! 

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