Is Umbrella Network Launching a BSC to Ethereum Cross-chain Bridge?

Umbrella Network successfully launched on Ethereum on October 1st. Now a cross-chain bridge between BSC and Ethereum appears to be in the pipeline.

Robert D. Knight
October 4, 2021
Blockchain News

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BSCNews can confirm that the oracle provider Umbrella Network will launch a BSC to Ethereum token bridge within the next few days. The update will mean that Umbrella Network will roll out staking on BSC, although the finer details are not yet available. 

The BSC-Ethereum bridge follows the project’s launch of Ethereum on Friday, October 1st.

“@UmbNetwork will release their internal #BSC - #Ethereum token bridge within the next few days,” revealed Digifox, Umbrella Network’s community UMBassador in a Tweet on October 3rd. “This will allow you to convert your $UMB tokens from #BEP20 to #ERC20 and vice versa!”

Despite no announcement on Umbrella Network’s official Twitter channel, BSCNews has independently verified that the Digifox update is accurate. Umbrella Network’s token bridge will arrive later this week. 

The company also has plans to cross-chain integrate with Polygon, Solana, Cardano, and Avalanche.

Umbrella Network is one of the Top 5 DeFi Projects under $50 million Market Cap (Source: BSCNews)

Top 5 DeFi Projects

Umbrella Network is one of the Top 5 DeFi Projects on Binance Smart Chain in the ‘Under $50 million market cap’ category according to independent research from BSCNews.

The Top 5 Projects are:

  1. Saffron.Finance
  2. Unifi Protocol
  3. Dexe.Network
  4. Hoge
  5. Umbrella Network

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About Umbrella Network

Umbrella posits itself as the first truly decentralized oracle service providing low cost, massively scalable, and secure solutions for smart contracts. It’s proclaimed aim is to securely bring the world’s data on chain. 


Where to Find Umbrella Network

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