IoTeX Strides Into GameFi With Latest NFT Gaming Effort ‘StarCrazy’

With the recent success of various GameFi projects, Layer 1 blockchain, IoTeX, has finally put forward its own much-anticipated project ‘StarCrazy.’

Dardania Havolli
September 28, 2021
BSC News

IoTeX Aiming for GameFi Success Story

IoTeX Layer 1 blockchain has quietly been making moves as its recent price surge has seen prospective users get to grips with its capabilities and ambitions. 

The IoTeX team spoke with BSC.News regarding the release of their latest Non-fungible Token (NFT) Gaming project, StarCrazy. The latest iteration of these abilities comes in the form of NFT Gaming.

"IoTeX allows scalable and affordable transactions, which are perfect for game development on blockchain. StarCrazy project highlights what's possible for game creators when they are given a canvas to explore their vision," IoTeX Head of Growth Art Malkov told BSC.News exclusively. 

StarCrazy has endured an extended Beta version period in a bid to make it as user-friendly as possible. 



Exclusively developed by GameFantasy on the IoTeX blockchain, StarCrazy has been met with exemplary reviews in its initial Beta version. With the game due for official release on September 27th, reviews have streamed in from all over the world, as GameFantasy ensured 1,561 participants from over 30 countries got their hands on StarCrazy for a three-week test period.

"The future of gaming is Play to Earn. Now you don't have to pay for games, even better, and games can earn you money. It is a paradigm shift. For the first time, you actually get to make a profit on your skill and knowledge without being a pro player. " – Claire Cui, StarCrazy’s Ecosystem Director, Claire Cui, stated in an interview with BSC News.  

Users are incentivized to complete adventures and challenges throughout, picking up unique NFTs along their journey. The seamless gameplay accompanying the narrative ensures StarCrazy is engaging. The reviews were unanimous as 8 out of 10 participants gave the gameplay a 5-star rating. 

“The play of StarCrazy is truly remarkable, as it feels far more like a final product rather than a beta. The characters are adorable, the gameplay is fun, and the concept is extremely unique. Can’t wait to see how they improve on this phenomenal beta!” - Ben, USA

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Make no mistake, the numbers back up the sentiments as the number of transactions per beta averaged between 10,000 and 15,000 a day. 

To put this into perspective, according to PlaytoEarn, current transactions on Ethereum range from 8,000 to 6,500 a day at the time of writing. This level of engagement exemplifies the huge potential of StarCrazy to attract users. 

"I enjoyed all the elements in the game, from graphics, to bidding, to fusion. It's an amazing game already, and the community is great. I started with around $80 USD, I used it in the game and I earned about $1900. Not bad for 3 weeks of play!" - Woody, Philippines

Woody’s experience is synonymous with many other budding play-to-earn enthusiasts in the Philippines at the moment. People worldwide are finding that blockchain gaming is offering them the chance to triple the average salary they would earn in their respective countries. In the three weeks that the beta version of StarCrazy occurred, $500,000 was earned by the players. This is a significant amount no matter the country you herald from. 

The manner in which the StarCrazy universe is constructed means that the fusion of Starz, the inhabitants of Planet Starmania, and the consequent creation of Starz offer avenues for serious profit. Over the beta period, 42,700 GFTs worth $555,000 were mined and shared between the 1,561 players. With over 89,311 Starz fused, the IoTeX blockchain oversaw an incredible 455,946 transactions. 

Upcoming Giveaway

Stay tuned for the latest details due to be revealed regarding a scheduled airdrop giveaway. You could be in with a chance of winning $200, just as StarCrazy finalized its official release on September 27th. 

"What I like about StarCrazy is that I have miners still working for me when I'm not playing- and even while I am sleeping! When you first wake up, check your Starmine, and see your new  GFT, you can’t help but have a smile on your face. It is the best way to start my day!" -Vince, Canada

About the StarCrazy universe:

As described by the StarCrazy team, Planet Starmania is populated with curious and daring races collectively known as Starz, who dream of star travel. With the recent discovery of star crystals, the possibility of star travel is closer than ever. With the star crystal’s help, Starz are now able to fuse and evolve. Lead your Starz and explore the universe beyond. Adventure awaits!

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