Introducing Sidekick: Leading the Social Networking and Gaming Revolution

by BSC News

May 10, 2024


Backed by Binance Labs and Trovo, Sidekick aims to integrate millions into Web3 through social networking and gaming.

Binance MVB cohort-backed platform Sidekick (formerly SideQuest), has emerged as an innovative platform, redefining the landscape of social networking and gaming. With a mission to seamlessly integrate hundreds of millions of gamers into Web3, Sidekick offers a transformative layer that transcends traditional livestream platforms, paving the way for a new era of connectivity and value amplification.


Positioned at the forefront of the Web3 migration journey, Sidekick is dedicated to serving the needs of over 3 billion gamers and 600+ million Web3 users. Gaming, however, is merely one component of Sidekick's robust capabilities. The platform serves as a vital bridge connecting Web2 and Web3 users through its innovative payment and resource-matching system. Leveraging its extensive gaming resources, including the backing of Trovo with over 15 million users, Sidekick has the potential to expand exponentially.

Earlier in March, Sidekick was selected by Binance Labs as one of  the MVB Season 7 cohorts under the Application Layer category. The support from the venture fund will assist the project in guiding users from Web2 to Web3 through its essential solutions in education, social interactions, gaming, and beyond.

Project Highlights:

  • Proudly selected under the application layer category by Binance Labs for the' MVB Season 7 cohort.
  • Web2 Paying Users: Boasting 180K paying users, primarily in Europe, showcasing robust user base.
  • Partnership: Exclusive backing from, a platform with over 15 million users, strengthens Sidekick's reach and support.
  • Web2 Daily Active Users (DAU): Over 2.3K active users daily, demonstrating consistent engagement.
  • Game Industry Partnerships: Sidekick forges alliances with over 40 game companies, including an official collaboration with gaming giant Riot Games.
  • opBNB Usage: With 35k+ users and 200k transactions recorded until May 2, 2024, Sidekick's impact on BNBChain is significant. 
  • Expert Web3 Strategy: Sidekick boasts a seasoned team focused on Web3 strategy and growth, well-positioned for future success.

Sidekick School of Athens

The platform recently unveiled the Sidekick School of Athens built on BNB Chain’s layer 2 network opBNB, providing users with a unique opportunity to embark on a journey of mentorship under Master CZ, earning points and obtaining their first Web3 degree.

Through the orientation course, users can accumulate points by engaging in fully refundable sessions with Master CZ or participating in other paid services like Match to Play, wherein the paid amount contributes to their points. This gamified approach not only enhances user experience but also encourages a sense of community and achievement within the platform. Find more information about the initiative here.

A Shift in Social Dynamics

In contrast to existing crypto social projects which are majorly focused on PVP dynamics, Sidekick prioritizes real user engagement, aiming to attract increasing numbers of retailers from outside the crypto sphere. By encouraging genuine interactions and value creation, Sidekick aims to redefine the crypto social landscape.

About Sidekick

Sidekick, backed by Binance Labs MVB and powered by with 15 million users, is committed to guiding 3 billion gamers into the crypto revolution. 

Sidekick official links:


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