Hyruleswap AMA Transcript

BSC NEWS Hosts Hyruleswap, The most advanced yield platform in the Kingdom. All questions were answered by @Greatdekutree and @skullkid

Kamran Iqbal
March 25, 2021

KDOT (AMA Host): Hey HyruleSwap Team, just checking you can type :)

Great Deku Tree: Hi we are here 👋

Skull Kid: Hello ! I think it's good 🙂

KDOT (AMA Host): Amazing Amazing :) Welcome!!!

Great Deku Tree: Thanks! 🙏

Skull Kid: Our pleasure to be here!

KDOT (AMA Host): Yeh thanks for coming on :)

Who is excited?! cus i am :D

Great Deku Tree: We are obviously haha !!!

KDOT (AMA Host): haha :D

KDOT (AMA Host): Right you ready to disco?

Great Deku Tree:


KDOT (AMA Host): Perfecto, lets get this part started!!

Q1: Please give us an overview of your project? i.e what are you trying to achieve?

Great Deku Tree: Actually as you can see this project is Zelda themed and we are big fans of the game! We wish to become the funniest place on the BSC and allow people to gamble and have fun in our universe!

Skull Kid: Yes exactly, we would like to provide something else than just farms and pools. We'll do that with gambling of course as we started already, but also with other types of games so people can earn money and have fun at the same time!

KDOT (AMA Host): ah ok, sounds cool, so like an online casino?

What games will you offer?

Great Deku Tree: Not exactly like an actual casino, but our games our inspired from the Legend of Zelda. We want to develop and focus on our theme and offer something slightly different than at the casino.

Right now you can experience an alternate version of the Lost Party Wheel (Skyward Sword) and soon will be adding more exciting games :)

Probably something in link with Majora’s Mask 🤫

But yes we will keep on adding mostly gambling type games

KDOT (AMA Host): ah ok. Thank you! which leads us to

Q2: an intro to the core team, experiences & roles?

Great Deku Tree: So I will present myself

My name is Great Deku and I am one of the founder of the project. I’m in charge of the community part, the marketing but also the front end of the project.

Skull Kid: And I'm Skull Kid, one of the founder too, we are 5 actually, and i'm in charge of the development of our smart contracts

Great Deku Tree: We are based in Switzerland. We know each other pretty well because we all studied computer science at the same university together. After that we worked IT, in the banking sector, Big Data, BI...

In our team everyone is a dev. We have 2 people (myself included) working on the front in react and 3 others who manage the back and develop in Solidity.

KDOT (AMA Host): aha thats awesome that you all know each other :D

Q3: How did it all come together that you'd create a project? esp that you all are IRL friends

Skull Kid: we have been following the news related to the Crypto world quite closely since 2017. With the democratization of BSC and yield farming projects we wanted to contribute.

So, we analyzed the market and we noticed that the big problem of the most of projects is that they can't manage the growing supply, inherent to the inflationary model. And that's when we came up with a new idea: why not introduce gambling games related to the Zelda universe?

KDOT (AMA Host): Ah perfect! thanks :)

Skull Kid: I think you all understood that we are big Zelda fans haha

KDOT (AMA Host): yeh haah :D

Q4: With all the similar styled projects evolving, how do you seperate from the rest & claim your spot to stay?

Skull Kid: We are 2 weeks old, so it looks like we are similar to other projects, but in the long run  we will be completely different.

Great Deku Tree: Indeed, as you can already see we offer a gambling section on our platform and NFTs are coming very soon. We really want to achieve an ecosystem where every component interacts with each other.

Great Deku Tree: We have many more ideas, we are exciting to show you more about the future of the project!

KDOT (AMA Host): Awesome!

Q5: Can you lay out the tokenomics of $RUPEE and how it'll play with all the different sections you are bringing out in the future

Skull Kid: We mint 1 token per block produced. With the gambling system we mentioned before, we allow RUPEE owners to bet their tokens and potentially get back much more. On our side we take about 4% of the invested  RUPEEs and burn them.  In the future we want to develop more games and increase the burn generated by this system.

Great Deku Tree: In addition, we burn manually every 3 days. Right now around 73k (more than 12% of the supply) has already been burned.

Skull Kid: The more games we hold, the more burn haha

KDOT (AMA Host): And how will RUPEE work when you launch NFTs?

Great Deku Tree: As soon as the NFTs people will be able to spend RUPEEs to acquire them and we zoom burn the amount spent. It’s another nice way to control the growing supply and complement our burning mechanism :)

KDOT (AMA Host): amazing :) i like this :D.. excited to to see the designs on the NFTs

which leads to

Q6: Do you have any teaser designs on NFTs you are creating?

Great Deku Tree: Hehe check out our Medium, something will appear there soon 👀

About your first upcoming NFT, think about something really iconic in The Legend of Zelda 🤔

Skull Kid: Keep in mind that we are also a game based platform when you think about NFTs, can't say too much for now 🤐

KDOT (AMA Host): hehe :) i get the drift :P

Q7: As BSC is growing super quick! How do you plan to grab a market share?

Great Deku Tree: As we told you we will add more games on our platform and add the NFTs. Obviously those NFTs need to have a purpose, thus you will be able to use them in different ways during specific challenges :)

I don’t really want to spoil too much, but if you like gambling, rpgs and Zelda then you are at the right place!

We believe there is nothing like that on the BSC, so it’s quite unique!

KDOT (AMA Host): Sounds good :)

Q8: Audits? have you been audited or plan to be?

Great Deku Tree: Yes there are currently 2 audits available on our website. We are planning to get another one later by Certik.

KDOT (AMA Host): Ah perfect

KDOT (AMA Host): Before we take on community Qs, is there anything you'd like to add, incase i missed anything?

Skull Kid: Our next big feature will be what is known as Vault, with some cool features with it. We will give a sneak peak soon on Medium. Also, we really love Pancake's UI, but it did'nt suit what we have planned with our games, and Gaming NFT's, so prepare yourselves guys to a brand new UI, that I think you'll love as much as we love it right now

Great Deku Tree: Oh yes and 2 last things before I forget

Great Deku Tree: We have decided to expand our horizons and go back to Zeld’s roots! Thus, we opened a Japanese HyruleSwap community with dedicated admins :)

We believe Japanese investors may be very interested in our theme and might shill out our project to their friends! This is just the beginning and we plan to open our project to many more communities, because English shouldn’t be a language barrier for potentiel investors.

Oh and also I heard you guys  like 🍌 🐵


KDOT (AMA Host): Ape**ap

Great Deku Tree:


KDOT (AMA Host): lotsa leaks today ahha :LD love it :)

KDOT (AMA Host): my last Q was going to be any alphas but i think youve dropped enough :D

Please share all relevant links i.e TG, website, twitter & medium :)

Great Deku Tree: Haha

Skull Kid: Website : https://hyruleswap.com/

Medium : https://hyruleswap.medium.com/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/HyruleSwap

Telegram : @Hyruleswap

Hope to see you there soon guys

KDOT (AMA Host): Thank you :) really appreciate you guys coming on today

KDOT (AMA Host): We will also have a transcript up soon for anyone that missed todays AMA

Great Deku Tree: Yes of course !!
Skull Kid: Of course.

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