Hypermine - a High-Yield DeFi Protocol

Through a basket of diversified crypto-asset investments, Hypermine aims to generate high returns for its token holders.

The Mission

Hypermine aims to offer a dynamic, exciting, and community-driven ecosystem on BNB Chain and the impending Pulsechain community. 

The project intends to leverage the previous success of its predecessor, Powermine, which successfully ran on the IOST Blockchain. Powermine was the forerunner to the thriving “Growth DeFi” ecosystem running on BNB Chain, Fantom, and Avalanche. 

Providing its users with an exciting approach for larger exposure to cryptocurrencies, Hypermine will play upon the successes of Powermine on BNB Chain and Pulsechain. This will be done while integrating Growth DeFi’s already established and developed products into its treasury-owned assets. 

All Hypermine contracts have been audited. Check out the vulnerability-free security audit report from DeFiYield, a leading smart contract auditing provider focused on checking the security of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects. 


Hypermine has a native token, HMINE, with a fixed maximum supply of 200,000.

Prior to the main launch, the project held two Sacrifice Rounds on BNB Chain, which comprised a total sale of 100,000 HMINE tokens (50,000 per Round). This allowed the earliest community to acquire the native token at the lowest available price on a first-come, first-serve basis. The HMINE token was sold to early-stage investors during the “Sacrifice Round 1” and “Round 2” at $6 and $6.50, respectively.

Notably, the team used the Rounds to raise initial capital for the Treasury Bankroll before launch, which served as base investments to seek returns post-launch. 

Following the pre-launch Sacrifice Rounds, the team launched the Standard Rounds, which saw the HMINE token launch at $7. The token will increase in price by $3 in each subsequent Round over a linear scale until all are sold. 

Per the Litepaper, the Hypermine Core Management did not receive any token allocation before launch.

Token Allocation

Revenue generated from the HMINE token distribution will be allocated as follows:

  • 2.5% to Growth DeFi “SAFE” token holders 
  • 7.5% to the Core Management Team (this includes all operational costs) 
  • 10% to HMINE token stakers as dividends: 70% as instant dividends and 30% which grows in a pool. 25% of the pool is also paid out daily to HMINE stakers. 
  • 80% to HMINE Treasury Bankroll 

Hypermine Investments

The project aims to create an ever-growing basket of crypto assets with different risk profiles - from lower to higher, yielding returns for stakers of the native token, HMINE. The team is creating a community-owned asset pool that holds most of its treasury backing in stablecoins as long-term yields and a significant portion in higher-risk assets to seek extremely high returns. 

The allocation diversity aims to create an overall balanced portfolio that will be actively managed. The portfolio is bound to change over time as the team decides to make adjustments to its positions. 

Investment #1 – Pax Gold (PAXG)

Lower-risk: the team has a position in Pax Gold (PAXG), a digital token backed by physical gold as well as large holdings in DAI stablecoin.

Investment #2 – SAFUU

Higher-risk: the team has also invested in Safuu, a decentralized high auto-compounding protocol. This protocol has a lot of potential with its own upcoming blockchain, SafuuX.

Investment #3 – Avarice (BSC)

Higher-risk: another investment from the higher-risk portfolio is Avarice (BSC). 

Investment #4 – Emp.Money (BSC)

Higher-risk: another investment from the higher-risk portfolio is Emp.Money (BSC).

This will coincide with their sister-project Impulse launching on Pulsechain.

The Hypermine Interface

The protocol offers the following as functionality:

  • Swap Pool: This is manually filled to enable HMINE holders to swap their HMINE for $DAI, with a buy-back price of 60% of the current exchange rate.
  • Staking Pool: HMINE holders can stake their tokens for a share of the returns generated by the Treasury Bankroll. The pool has a 20% unstaking fee, of which 50% is burned while the rest goes to the Treasury Bankroll.
  • Loans: Users who want to take out a fixed loan on their HMINE will have the option to do so at a 60% LTV ratio. The loans will be fixed at 30 days with a 10% monthly interest rate. 
  • Detonator: The daily detonator comes with a daily prize of $500 worth of DAI.
  • Coming Soon: Fomo3D and Lobby, where you can earn HMINE and DAI.

In the spirit of transparency, Hypermine has recorded previous partnerships with projects like MOR, a decentralized lending platform and overcollateralized stablecoin that allows users to use their yield-earning collaterals as leverage for borrowing and utilizes self-repaying loans.

Next Steps for Hypermine

After a successful launch on BNB Chain, Hypermine plans to migrate to Pulsechain in the coming months. The project is still in its early stages and believes its proposed cross-chain expansion will enable it to reach a larger audience and bring about a broader exposure. The team also plans to announce specific dates for the new lobby that is coming with games and prizes this third quarter. 

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