HyperJump Expands Yield Farming Through REN Partnership Introducing 12 New Farms

REN and HyperJump come together to offer users and investors 12 new farms, with half being on the Binance Smart Chain and the other half available on the Fantom network.

John Tunney
June 22, 2021
BSC News

HyperJump + REN 

The addition of REN to HyperJump includes 12 new farms that are currently live. The 12 farms available are split into two groups: 6 of the 12 farms are on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the other remaining 6 are on the Fantom network. This was introduced on June 21st,  via their HypeJump blog. The new partnership is with REN, a platform designed to help users move their digital assets across chains.

The New Vaults On the BSC network include: 

  • RenBTC-BNB
  • RenBCH-BNB
  • RenZEC-BNB

The New Vaults On the Fantom Chain network include: 

  • RenBTC-FTM
  • RenBCH-FTM
  • RenBCH-ORI
  • RenZEC-FTM
  • RenZEC-ORI

A Powerful Partnership 

HyperJump’s partnership with REN is also exciting news, as the REN protocol is a powerful tool that enables users to transfer digital assets across blockchain networks. A blockchain network is a specific ecosystem / database made up of smart contracts. Without diving too deep into blockchain technology, it’s important to note that a challenge for blockchain networks is that they can not interact with each other. However, REN now looks to solve that problem. 


Having now partnered with REN, HyperJump looks poised to expand far out into the crypto universe. REN’s powerful protocol could grow to become a popular and essential tool in the crypto industry. The strategic partnership looks to help both parties continue market expansion and platform growth.

What is HyperJump?

HyperJump is a protocol that operates on both the Binance Smart Chain as well as the Fantom protocol. The platform is designed to offer users gaming and NFTs. The platform also has a tokenomics model that they have designed to support users of the platform. 

What is REN?

REN is a crypto platform that enables users to send digital currency across network blockchains. The token is native to the Ethereum blockchain. The platform looks to enter the growing DeFi space aimed at providing cross chain financing. REN looks poised to enable and facilitate greater access to the DeFi world by supporting cross chain exchanges.

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John Tunney

John Tunney is an accomplished analyst and crypto enthusiast. The UCLA alum has been actively reporting and blogging for 3 years, and has a passion for all things finance.

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