Hugo Finance Summer Events: eFuse Gaming Partnership and More!

The DAO-based protocol has taken an aggressive building approach during a time of market instability, hoping to build the groundwork for a successful future.

June 2, 2021

The Summer of Events

Hugo Finance, the DAO-based and community-driven protocol, recently released a series of updates, including its summer events as earlier scheduled at the start of the project. This time, they have made some important development progress detailed in the subsequent part of this updated review.

What is Hugo Finance?

Hugo Finance is a community-driven project that uses RFI and deflationary mechanics to reward holders, as earlier reviewed. The platform also incorporates in its feature an NFT minting, auction, and marketplace that is driven by a community-first approach.

Hugo Finance

In its ecosystem, all decisions are decided by the governance protocol through its DAO system. Holders are given the first place value to make important protocol decisions.

Key Features of Hugo

Its key features remain:

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  • RFI and Deflationary mechanics
  • Non Fungible Tokens
  • DeFi Index Funds

New Partnership Alert

The Hugo Finance team has also announced a new Partnership with eFuse to introduce Hugo to millions of potential users. 

Hugo Partnership with eFuse

eFuse is well-known in the gaming community as a platform with a variety of features that are gaming-related. The team has a knack for gathering relevant stakeholders in the gaming industry, including streamers and game influencers. From indications, there will be multiple events as the date draws near for both their DAO and NFT launch. Thirty-two streamers/influencers are going to partake in this event, giving extended exposure to the platform. Hugo Finance is extremely excited about this partnership as it will grant them exposure to a large audience that is well-versed in technology, ranging from gamers to game developers and programmers. This audience is highly likely to see the value of crypto projects, and Hugo stands to gain enormous growth from this exciting partnership. The team has already made contributions to the gaming community, and seems to be fully invested in building a rapport between themselves and gamers.

More details about the partnership will be revealed as the project progresses.

Hugo Finance Project Updates

Launch of the NFT and DAO Platform:

Hugo Finance is set to launch its NFT minting, auction, marketplace, and DAO platform this June. First off, the DAO system will be released with a big bang as the team has announced a gaming tournament event that opens up Hugo to millions of viewers and gamers- more details will be given in this review.

Hugo Finance DAO sneak peek!

In a recent development from an announcement shared on its Twitter handle, the team has released the sneak peek preview of the DAO system. The dev team has been working hard to develop the DAO Platform. The sneak peeks of the DAO were released with a disclaimer as the copy is a placeholder. Users should expect the full launch of the Hugo Finance DAO system in the next month.

New CEX Listing 

BitMart Exchange, a top-tier exchange that boasts an incredibly high user base and volume, has recently confirmed the listing of the $HUGO token followed by the listing celebratory program announcement

HUGO listing reward program

The team is giving away $28,800 HUGO in the Buy & Earn and Trading Competition event to celebrate the listing! The debut listing will be on the third of June 2021. The trading giveaway competition will be tiered in two ways:

I. Buy & Earn - $8,800 HUGO Giveaway!

  • The first 440 users who buy HUGO greater than or equal to 200 USDT of HUGO will be eligible to receive $20 HUGO each.

II. Trading Competition - $20,000 HUGO Giveaway!

Users will be ranked in terms of the total trading volume (buy+sell) of HUGO. The team will reward the top 50 users with the highest trading volume with corresponding rewards.

  • 1st: 14% of the total prizes
  • 2nd: 9% of the total prizes
  • 3rd: 6% of the total prizes
  • 4th-10th: split 21% of the total prizes (3% each)
  • 11th-20th: split 20% of the total prizes (2% each)
  • 21st-50th: split 30% of the total rewards (1% each)

Further details of the reward program and the terms and conditions of the program can be found on BitMart's support page..


In addition to the list of new markets, the team further confirmed the transition of HUGO tokens to the PancakeSwap V2. The necessary transition allows users to utilize the token on the popular BSC DEX.

Donations to Three Charities

As part of its charity drive, the platform has donated to three separate charities of @TheOceanCleanup, @GiveWell, and @MakeAWishIntl in a Tweet announcement. And as part of what’s coming in June, Hugo's Helping Hand (charity section of the DAO) will be coming with the platform release.

Charity forms part of the core of the Hugo Finance ecosystem alongside its DAO and NFT system.

Upcoming Events

The following events are planned for release, part of which adds up to the overall drive of Hugo ecosystem development;

Gaming Tournaments for NFT and DAO Launch

Launch parties are scheduled alongside the release of the NFT and DAO platforms in June, which includes a gaming tournament. 

Hugo Gaming Tournament

Giveaway events will be held as scheduled: 

  • Viewers will have the unique opportunity to get HUGO tokens for free
  • The first launch event that will open next month will be centered around the DAO gaming platform
  • A second launch event to open for NFT, which will also have a tournament game (more details will be released as the event draw close)
  • Gamers will be introduced, and more people will have the chance to win more HUGO tokens for free.

So basically, all you have got to do is take part in viewing the tournament to win free HUGO tokens!

In Conclusion

The month of June, which marks the beginning of Q2 2021, holds many events and important dates for the Hugo Finance ecosystem. Games tournaments will celebrate the occasion to launch the much anticipated DAO and NFT protocols, two concepts that form the project’s core aspects. Despite the current market situation, the team is driven to build progress and charitable acts as they continue giving back to society to save the planet. Not to mention the connections with influencers, game streamers, and more partnership lineups that will bring Hugo gaming to millions of viewers and gamers!

To stay up to date with the events, you can follow any of Hugo Finance’s social outlets:





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