How to Participate in $200,000 CoinMarketCap Hosted Genshiro (GENS) Airdrop

Users stand to gain airdrop rewards worth up to $200,000 by completing select tasks.

Utulu Hope
July 7, 2021
Blockchain News

Genshiro Airdrop Offers Big Rewards

The Genshiro (GENS) airdrop hosted by CoinMarketCap is ongoing with over 140,000 participants, according to the most-referenced crypto assets price tracking website. Users who participate in the airdrop stand a chance to win 1,725 GENS which is equivalent to $100. The total airdrop amount is 3,450,000 GENS ($200,000), and there is still time to take part and be a lucky winner. Airdrop results will be published on Genshiro’s official Twitter handle. For users wondering ‘how do I participate?’ - Let's dive into how to get signed up.

The Details of the Airdrop

The airdrop started on the 30th of June and will run till the 7th of July. It is divided into two categories which are basic tasks and advanced tasks. 

Basic Tasks 

Only 2000 members stand a chance to win from a prize pool worth $20,000. Here is how to participate: 


  • Make sure you complete your Gleam form to receive your coupon number. 
  • Submit the registration form
  • Two thousand winners will be randomly picked to share the $20,000 GENS price pool. Payment will be sent in a couple of weeks after the airdrop has ended. 

Advanced Tasks 

This covers the remainder of the airdrop ($180,000 in GENS), with an unlimited number of winners. This task is meant for people who support the Genshiro parachain, Kusama (KSM). Users get an additional 400 GENS for every staked KSM. The minimum stake is 0.5 KSM. However, a special reward for CMC airdrop participants who stake less than 50 KSM is given. (1 KSM stake will yield 2,400 GENS). Here is how to participate: 

  • Fill out the participation form here. 
  • Use this link to stake your KSM (minimum of 0.5 KSM).
  • All participants who took part in the advanced task will get their rewards two weeks after the airdrop ends. 

For further questions about the airdrop or Genshiro, check out their Telegram channel.

What is Genshiro?

According to its website, Genshiro is a canary network of equilibrium that shares the experimental spirit of Kusama. Kusama places itself as Polkadot’s sister network where every aspect of field testing is done. 


Genshiro aims at utilizing a similar strategy by launching its unique products on Kusama to battle test its technology by introducing a more significant number of assets than the ones initially supported in Polkadot. For more extensive details about Genshiro, read its whitepaper. 

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