How To Participate In $10,000 Step Hero HERO Airdrop Via CoinMarketCap

StepHero and Coinmarketcap are giving away 8,000 $HERO to the community. Participate and get up to 16 $HERO tokens.

Ahamdi Abarikwu
September 5, 2021
BSC News

2nd Airdrop Is Ongoing

Step Hero––a mythical blockchain gaming ecosystem––has launched another airdrop for the crypto community in collaboration with CoinMarketCap. This follows the successful completion of the first campaign

Step Hero announced the launch of the current campaign in a tweet on September 2:

"We are collaborating with @CoinMarketCap to hold another #airdrop campaign."

According to the tweet, the airdrop will give away 8,000 HERO tokens worth around $10,000. The duration is from September 2 - September 13.


Entry Requirements

To take part in the event and have a chance of winning, these are what you need to do:

  • Log into your CoinMarketcCap account. If you do not have an account, create one
  • Enter your BSC address, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Telegram handles in the form. 
  • Input the link to your Retweet
  • Enable the terms and conditions, then click 'Join Airdrop' to submit your entry.

At the end of the campaign, 500 winners will be picked at random. Each winner will get 16 HERO from a pool of 8,000 Step Hero tokens. Join the airdrop and be among the over 170,000 persons who have already participated. Who knows, you could be one of the lucky winners.


Overview Of Step Hero

Step Hero is a multi-chain role-playing game. Step Hero provides a GameFi ecosystem where players can enjoy fantasy games and earn crypto rewards.

Step Hero's development team comprises members with specializations in various fields. The team says it wants to make Step Hero GameFi's most entertaining NFT game. 

Want to know more about the Step Hero play-to-earn game? Visit these official links:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Reddit

Ahamdi Abarikwu

Ahamdi Abarikwu is an Electrical Engineer and a lover of anything crypto. He is also an avid writer, proofreader and editor. He loves to play Scrabble in his spare time.

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