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How to Mint Your First NFT Using a Block Explorer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mint Your First NFT Using a Block Explorer: A Step-by-Step Guide! Understand NFTs and learn to mint them directly from smart contracts via a verified block explorer like Etherscan or Polygonscan.

How to Mint Your First NFT Using a Block Explorer: A Step-by-Step Guide

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have become a popular type of digital asset, with growing adoption across various industries. While typically minted through the NFT team's website, or a marketplace like OpenSea, certain scenarios may call for directly minting from the contract. This tutorial will prepare you with essential skills to secure your desired NFT, even in cases of high-demand website crashes.

To follow along with this tutorial, you should already be familiar with the MetaMask (or any other marketplace-compatible) wallet. 


What Is an NFT?

Before looking into how to mint an NFT, it’s essential to understand exactly what an NFT is. NFTs are unique tokens, which means that each NFT has a unique identifier. While commonly associated with images, it's crucial to recognize that the true essence lies within the underlying code. Even if identical images are attached, the unique identifiers set them apart. 

Minting an NFT means creating a unique token on a blockchain, and it's an important step in the process of creating a digital collectible.

Minting Directly From Smart Contracts​

If you come across a contract for an NFT project and want to mint directly from a tool like Etherscan or Polygonscan, you can do that if the contract has been verified. The checkmark next to “Contract” is the first thing to look for. This means the contract is verified. 

Here are the steps to mint an NFT using Polygonscan: 

  1. Navigate to the Polygonscan website and search for the NFT contract you want to mint your NFT from. 
  2. Check if the contract has been verified by looking for the checkmark next to “Contract.” 
  3. Once you have verified that the contract has been verified, select “Contract” then “Write Contract.” 
  4. Connect your MetaMask wallet to Polygonscan and provide your wallet address. 
  5. You should see the functions you can interact with. Look for the mint function, which might be named safeMint or mint. 
  6. Submit the transaction, and wait for it to be confirmed by the network. 
  7. Once confirmed, you should receive your newly minted NFT in your MetaMask wallet. 

Minting an NFT is a straightforward process that requires some basic knowledge of blockchain technology and smart contracts. With this step-by-step guide, you can mint your NFT directly from the contract on a block explorer like Polyscan. Remember, always check that the contract is verified before interacting with it. Good luck with your NFT minting!

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