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How to Keep Up With Floki Ecosystem News This Week

Floki releases a lineup of AMAs, events and streams for the coming week.

The Week in Floki

As always, Floki has a ton of developments going on. The growing memecoin ecosystem makes it as easy as possible for the Vikings community to keep up with activities in Valhalla and beyond.

The Floki team recently released its weekly schedule for Dec. 5-10, with events including a text AMA on Telegram, two Valhalla Metaverse streams on Twitch, three Twitter Spaces and a Discord event.

Check out what Floki has in store this week:

What is Floki:

Floki began with a tweet from Elon Musk. When the billionaire announced he would name his Shiba Inu puppy Floki, it created a deluge of ‘Floki’ dogcoins. The most successful of these is Floki. Floki is currently the third most popular meme token on the market, behind Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. It is backed by a community of committed enthusiasts and a strong marketing campaign.

Where to find Floki:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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