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How to Import DeFi Wallet Into MetaMask

A brief tutorial on how to import the contents of the DeFi Wallet into MetaMask.

Importing DeFi Wallet Into MetaMask

MetaMask is among the most popular wallet of choice for users on BNB Chain while the DeFi Wallet is often used on Cronos. For users who access both chains, it can be helpful to have access to both wallets in one location in case one of the apps is offline.

Below is a short tutorial on importing your DeFi Wallet into MetaMask, allowing instant access to the contents of both wallets.

Step 1: Open your DeFi Wallet and click on “View Settings”, then “Recovery Phrase”. Click “Continue” to have your 12-word seed phrase display on the UI and save it in a secure location.

Step 2:  Download the MetaMask wallet on the Apple Store, Play Store, or download the browser extension depending on your device. Links to each app can be found here.

Step 3: Open the MetaMask wallet app and click “Get Started”. You will then be presented with the option of importing an existing wallet or creating a new wallet. Select “Import Using Secret Recovery Phrase”, input your 12-word phrase, and set a strong password.

You have now successfully added your DeFi Wallet to MetaMask!


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