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How the BSC News NFT Demonstrates Real Utility

A look at how BSC News NFTs offer more than just appealing artwork.

Real Utility

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a speculative asset took the crypto industry by storm during the bull run of 2021. Every week, new NFT collections were released, with many focusing their marketing efforts on the subject of value. Some NFTs rose to exorbitant prices during the peak of the market cycle, stirring up even further interest from the community.

With this sudden rise to popularity came a lot of questions and concerns. In particular, many critics questioned what utility NFTs actually brought to the industry. Sentiment began to shift, with more users questioning why shabbily-designed JPGs were worth so much. Many collections simply gave NFT owners a link to where the NFT was hosted and offered no additional benefits besides speculative value.

However, NFTs offer the potential for real utility in a way that even cryptocurrency can’t match - and BSC News recognized an opportunity to leverage the technology in a way not yet seen in the industry.

“I believe the BSC News NFT is the first step in expanding our presence beyond the traditional content model and provides us a unique opportunity to continually drive value to the entire BNB Chain Ecosystem,” Ben Antes, the CFO of BSC News, stated in an exclusive chat.

How the BSC News NFT Flips the Narrative

First off, it’s important to understand what exactly the BSC News NFT offers in terms of utility. Holders of the NFT are granted Premium access to BSC News and its associated content. This includes newsletters, market digests, project recommendations, and access to the BSC News land in the Everdome metaverse. This is made possible by non-fungibility - you must own an official BSC News NFT to have Premium access, and there is no way to mint additional memberships through third parties. If you are unfamiliar with what NFTs are, check out our Cryptonomics guide on NFTs.

Partner Perks

An example of a RichQuack x BSC News NFT

The Premium content alone offers significant utility for holders, but it is limited to BSC News educational news and content - which is already a welcome bonus. However, BSC News wasn’t satisfied with only offering extra content for the community - we added perks from a slew of top-tier BNB Chain projects as well.

The goal of adding these perks was to drive users to engage more with BNB Chain. These perks are all unique to the partnering projects; for example, in partnership with RichQuack, NFT holders will receive an extra 5% token allocations when participating in IDOs on the RichQuack launchpad. BSC News NFT perks don’t just benefit the holders, they benefit the entire BNB Chain ecosystem by incentivizing users to engage with new platforms.

Not Just a JPEG

Summing things up, the BSC News NFT leverages non-fungibility to serve as an all-in-one premium pass to real utility. Whether it’s educational and entertaining content, exclusive access to metaverse land, token allocation bonuses, or any of our other extensive perks, holders can use the BSC News NFT for far more than just speculative value and status.

Are you interested in these perks and bonuses? Check out the BSC News NFT Twitter, Discord, and website to learn more about the NFT and its benefits.

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