How Buying.com Is Revolutionizing the Logistics and E-Commerce Industry

Using the BUY token, Buying.com is improving logistics by leveraging blockchain tecnnology.

Business as Usual for Buying.com

Buying.com continues to expand and improve ITS OPERATIONS.

Buying.com’s highly capable team has grown to 110 employees in seven countries with thousands of drivers. The programming team, led by Utkarsh Khare, has completed all of the current roadmap points ahead of schedule, and the management team, led by Evelyn Rivera, has implemented a reliable structure and dependable processes that keep Buying running smoothly, despite the inevitable challenges associated with starting a business.

Buying’s Previous Accomplishments

Buying is currently in beta production test mode prior to starting major worldwide marketing efforts and has also completed a cash buyback from Trust Swap of 36 million $BUY tokens at spot price.

This was vital to ensure that the token community would be stabilized, and that a single holder's movement would not be able to affect the value and stability of the $BUY token's future growth. Buying has also finished the platform's Google Chrome Extension, which is now downloadable and functional for the token cash back program.

Social Group Buying and Cash Back Rewards

Social Group Buying is a novel feature that makes bulk pricing accessible to all customers, not just large corporations with the financial resources to meet minimum order quantities. Customers can now pool their funds to buy products at wholesale prices, thereby providing small businesses a competitive advantage in the e-commerce market.

Consumers can use the Cash Back Rewards program to buy products from thousands of stores that have partnered with Buying and receive not only cash back rewards but also $BUY tokens that can be matched with many partners and affiliates. The team is constantly working to develop strategic relationships with additional online retailers.

What to Expect in the Future

Buying.com will work with Otter to provide delivery through their Point of Sale (POS) platform. With this partnership, Buying will be able to improve delivery services for restaurants and businesses across the country. Buying's national delivery infrastructure will be made available to Otter customers, while Otter's solutions will be made accessible to Buying's community.

Buying is also excited to announce a collaboration with Shopping.io, which will allow users to use $BUY tokens to purchase items from major e-commerce hubs. $BUY will be the platform's first Algorand token, with its usage unlocking discounts at countless stores.

Buying.com’s Staking Program

The team wants to emphasize that they value the community's opinions and feedback, and that they consider all of it, along with a slew of other factors, when making crucial decisions. Today, the total number of tokens staked has increased to 270,000,000. It was also critical that no one could devalue the $BUY token, even if it meant delays.

As of September 1st, the APY for $BUY will reduce to 21.25%, which is still a healthy and manageable APY for Buying, allowing for consistent exponential growth and expansion.

Addressing Concerns and Future Plans

Buying.com announced the $5.5 million acquisition of the domain names Physicians.com, Obgyn.com, and Hairrestoration.com. There was a need for the most natural names in the medical fields to boost Buying's growth and speed to market. A separate design team has already been hired and is in full design and buildout mode, ensuring that the logistics and cashback reward divisions are not affected.

An additional sales team is also being hired for partners and affiliates in the medical ecosystem to help with growth, and there are plans to launch the first medically driven Algorand blockchain structure for the medical industry within the next year as well.

Why Buying Chose the Medical Field

Physicians.com will change the medical game by making things more streamlined and accessible, and Buying's sales teams are working hard to sign up medical practitioners and medical centers worldwide who are eager to participate and join the services required. This will enable Buying to create cost-effective individual niche networks that are significantly valuable resources for patients with specific needs.

Buying.com’s National Communications Director Jlean Fairchild will be addressing all Physicians.com, Buying.com and Dropshipping.com questions concerning all use-case runs. Jlean will additionally be updating the community daily regarding all new partners and future growth. Lastly, a team of 25 has been hired to manage the design and structure of the site, allowing it to launch at a rapid pace to market.

About Buying

Buying.com is a forward-thinking technology company that is transforming logistics and e-commerce with decentralized blockchain solutions for consumers and businesses. The platform's ‘On Demand Delivery Solutions’ offer restaurants a convenient, easy-to-use, secure, and cost-effective last-mile delivery network.

Buying.com has never had any holdings in BTC or ETH, meaning the current crypto market status has no bearing on the company. Buying is also the only triple redundancy logistics company operating with a successful delivery rate of over 99%.

For more information, visit Buying’s official website and the Twitter and Telegram channels.

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