Highly-Treasured Maye Musk “Diamonds Are Forever” NFT Listed for Charity Auction

All of the proceeds from the auction will go to Binance Charity and their TreeMillions initiative as the Radio Caca (RACA) team is determined to make a difference beyond the crypto industry.

October 19, 2021

Radio Caca Charity Auction

Radio Caca ($RACA) is holding an auction on Binance NFT from October 14th through October 21st for their “Diamonds Are Forever - RACA to the Moon” Non-Fungible Token (NFT). The NFT is an exclusive drop from the collaboration between Maye Musk and Koda Robot Dog. Radio Caca is the exclusive manager of Maye Musk MPB NFT and Universal Metaverse (USM) NFT releases.

100% of the proceeds will go to Binance Charity, in particular towards their TreeMillions initiative. The TreeMillions mission is to plant 10 million trees across the world in an effort to preserve the environment.

A Truly Precious NFT - Loved and HODLed by Industry Titans

The design of the NFT is a depiction of Maye Musk against a background of the moon.The animated NFT shows light gathering in her raised fist as the moon spins behind her.

The NFT up for auction is special for a number of reasons. It was previously collected by Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON, who has stated he is a “huge fan” of Radio Caca’s NFT.

The NFT is wrapped from its original contract, same as CryptoPunk’s release of 311 punks. Perhaps the most important part of the auction is the fact that the proceeds will completely go to charity. This demonstrates the goodwill behind both the $RACA project and their trusted partners.

Koda Robot Dog has confirmed that Radio Caca is one of their only partners, the one they trust with what they deem to be the highest-quality projects for collaborations. 

Listing Details

The details of the listing are as follows:

Location: Binance NFT Marketplace

Time Range: 02:00 PM UTC October 14th to 02:00 PM UTC October 21st

Contract Address: BSCScan

The current bid is at 1,600 BUSD at the time of writing. The bidding started at 1,000 BUSD, and is expected to grow exponentially higher as the auction comes to a close.

TreeMillions Initiative and Why It’s Important

Binance Charity has launched the TreeMillions Alliance to help improve the environment across the globe by planting 10 million trees. Binance Charity believes that blockchain technology must play a crucial role in the preservation of the Earth, especially considering the resources needed to power the technology.

By joining forces with the organization through this auction, Radio Caca is becoming a part of the cause to change the world for the better. The auction proceeds being entirely donated to the charity is proof that Radio Caca is focused on making a real difference for the higher good of all.

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