HeroFi Opens Whitelist for Beta in Play-to-Earn NFT Game

The whitelisting process is ongoing, and the number of users who will eventually play the Beta game is already set.

Utulu Hope
September 9, 2021
BSC News

HeroFi Game Beta Whitelist Open 

The whitelist registration for HeroFi Game Beta is now open. Users who participate in the whitelisting program have a chance to win $HERO tokens if they are selected to play the Beta game. 

The whitelisting details were published on Twitter by HeroFi on 8th September. The Play-to-Earn Non-fungible Token (NFT) game disclosed that only the top 1000 users from the whitelist would play the Beta game and earn rewards. 

“#HeroFi will open our whitelist for #Beta #WHITELIST INFO: 3PM Sep 8 - 5AM Sep 12 (UTC) whitelist.lz.finance 1000 top whitelist will be chosen as Beta players,” HeroFi wrote about the Beta whitelisting. “BETA INFO: 2PM Sep 12 - 2PM Oct 12 (UTC) Top 1-10: 3-star Hero each, Top 11-100: 2-star Hero each.” 

The whitelist will run for five days, from 8 September till 12 September, and is powered by LaunchZone. Registered users have a chance to become part of the lucky 1000 users to test the HeroFi game Beta and earn rewards. However, only 100 out of the 1000 selected players qualify to earn. 


How to Get Whitelisted? 

As of this writing, the whitelist registration is ongoing and will end in a few days. Here is how to register and become part of the lucky 1000:

  • Visit the HeroFi whitelist page.
  • Create an account. 
  • Verify your Email address. 
  • Connect your wallet. 
  • Wait for the whitelist announcement. 

HeroFi Beta Gameplay: What to Expect? 

According to the protocol’s whitepaper, HeroFi is a mobile Role Play Game (RPG) where users build up a powerful army to fight in fierce battles. Users gain rewards as they win battles. The rewards are in the form of collectibles which will be used to craft valuable assets that could be exchanged for real money. 

The game will give users options to choose from various heroes, all of which can be recruited to form a squad. What’s more, each hero character will have a unique skill set that will be crucial for users to scale through in-game challenges. In addition, users will select soldiers on top of their hero characters. Thus, players will join the battle with an army of 3 heroes and four soldiers. 

The game is designed for both skilled and casual players. Casual players will enjoy the game in Auto-battle mode, while skilled players will play the game by manually controlling the Heroes and Soldiers. All these are obtained from the HeroFi whitepaper, which reveals every detail of the GameFi ecosystem. Congratulations to the lucky 1000 in advance as they will enter into HeroFi’s unique gaming expedition through the Beta game testing. 

What is HeroFi? 

HeroFi is a mobile a RPG game in which players can earn tokens through battles between heroes. Each Hero is unique and equally accessible to everyone. It is completely free to play and indeed play to earn. 

Where to find HeroFi:

Website | Twitter | Telegram |

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