HeroFi Announces Beta Whitelist for 10,000 Users

The new version would be exclusive to whitelisted users, and it promises lots of exciting features.

Utulu Hope
October 5, 2021
BSC News

HeroFi Schedules Date For Open Beta Version 

HeroFi will launch an Open Beta version of its GameFi protocol with improved features. However, the Role Play Game (RPG) will limit the new version to whitelisted users. 

HeroFi announced the Open Beta details on Twitter. The protocol disclosed that the new game would come with many exciting features, and it will be exclusive to the top 10,000 referrals on the whitelist. In addition, HeroFi will launch the Open Beta version on 30th October. 


As mentioned, the Open Beta version will have some exciting features. The game will feature a player vs. player (PVP) mode, daily quests, including six new different world maps for explorers to discover, fight, and conquer. In addition, the GameFi protocol will add ten new Hero Non-fungible Tokens (NFT). The upcoming Beta version promises to boost the protocol’s adoption on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 


Free To Earn 

HeroFi has reintroduced a new slogan to its community. Several NFT GameFi projects go with the slogan “Play to Earn.” However, HeroFi has announced that it will now adopt the slogan, “Free to Play.” 

“New HeroFi Slogan: FREE TO EARN. A new insight on the unlimited potential of HeroFi. An ideology that we embrace and present to our beloved players,” HeroFi tweeted on 4th October. 

Free to earn portrays something entirely different. The slogan suggests that users earn from doing nothing. However, this is not the case. HeroFi explained that Free to earn means that users can still join the market without an entrance fee, and use the given free normal Hero to make a profit. 

With this in mind, HeroFi will now be addressed as a Free to Earn GameFi protocol on BSC as it continues to build one of the greatest communities on the network. 


What is HeroFi? 

HeroFi is a role-playing game based on blockchain technology. The great thing about HeroFi is that there is no initial investment barrier in HeroFi. HeroFi is entirely free to play and really play-to-earn. The game eliminates that gap between standard games and NFT games. HeroFi allows players to collect and trade NFT heroes. In the game, heroes can get married and give birth to a new NFT hero. $ROFI is the native token of HeroFi. $ROFI plays a crucial part in the sustainable play-to-earn economy of the HeroFi ecosystem and can be traded on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).

Where to find HeroFi:

Website | Twitter | Telegram |

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