Helmet Dives Into NFTs: Gacha Game

The protocol introduced a jigsaw game in version 1 of Pixel Puzzle called "Fight for Dora." Pixel Puzzle is an NFT Gacha game with surprise mechanics that allows users to scoop the final jackpot.

Utulu Hope
May 4, 2021
BSC News


The platform has been looking for ways to add more value to its users via NFTs. The peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol still believes that they are still far from solving NFT liquidity and generating the precipitation effect of funds. 

To tackle these problems outlined, Helmet has drafted out three plans which they have focused on since April. The first major focus lies in one of its plans — Gacha Game. 

Helmet's NFT Gacha Game 


The NFT Gacha Game is built based on the BSC culture. An exciting feature of this game is that users can use it for either investment or entertainment, depending on their mode of participation. Helmeters can collect basic cards consisting of characters and projects they are very familiar with. 

Features of NFT Gacha Game


The protocol introduced a jigsaw game in the version 1 of Pixel Puzzle called "Fight for Dora." Pixel Puzzle is an NFT Gacha game with surprise mechanics that allows users to earn NFT rewards. There is also a lucky draw which comprises eight types of NFT cards themed for Helmet, PancakeSwap, Soteria, Berry, Belt, Ditto, Tenet, and Yieldwatch. Users can strive to collect all eight cards by utilizing the  “1 pull” or “10 pull” — $Helmet is used for the draws.

Users who collect all 8 project cards and combine them into a Doracard will be eligible to scoop the final jackpot.

Prize Calculation and Information 

  • The basic price pool is set at $200,000 worth of $HELMET. 
  • All $HELMET paid by users would be placed in the final prize pool. 
  • 2 $HELMET = 1 pull. 
  • 16 $HELMET = 10 pulls. 

The platform has also announced that details of the DORA game will be released in the next update. 

About Helmet 


Helmet is a peer-to-peer insurance protocol written by option trading logic, allowing anyone to create insurance policy on the market easily. Helmet.insure is developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and specializes in providing price shield insurance for BSC assets. 

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