HamsterCoin Teases Release of HamsterSwap

HamsterSwap hints at buy back and burn to support “reflection” incentive mechanism for HAM holders.

Robert D. Knight
January 15, 2022
BSC News

HamsterSwap to launch on Binance Smart Chain

Memecoin project HamsterCoin has dropped a Tweet featuring a landing page mockup of its upcoming native DEX HamsterSwap. Moreover, a previous tweet suggests buy back and burn mechanisms.

HamsterSwap will be the first action point on HamsterCoin’s Q1 2022 roadmap, after which an NFT project, merchandise integration, and metaverse research and development will follow. The project utilizes a “reflection” mechanism which significantly incentivizes HAM token holders to sit on their tokens for longer offering up to 80% APY for more than 109,000 current holders.

“How much have you earned by simply buying and holding HAM tokens? Only very few projects yield their holders some dividends in parent tokens for holding tokens, Hamster Finance is one of them and it’s still very early to invest in it,” said HamsterCoin in a blog post dated December 9.

Notably, HamsterCoin has been recording strong social signals among BSC projects, consistently ranking on sentiment leaderboards since December when it was inadvertently mentioned by US Congressman Brad Sherman. Its holder incentive program led it to rank in the top 10 BSC projects in terms of “highest bullish sentiment”. 

$HAM is enjoying demand resurgence in the new year, with over $3.4 million daily trade volume.

HamsterSwap Teaser Landing Page (Source)

What is HamsterCoin?

HamsterCoin is the native token of memecoin project Hamster Finance. The project claim half of its supply was locked, burned upon unlocking at certain periods, while half was supplied for sale on PancakeSwap and has no main owner. The project encourages consistent open communication and professes trust, transparency, and community as its pillars of success.

Where to find Hamster Coin:

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