GoFungibles Announces the Closure of its $4m Private Fundraising Round

The funding will go towards developing the project as it prepares to launch its mobile game MetaRun in 2022.

December 29, 2021

GoFungibles Secures the Bag

GameFi platform GoFungibles, built on the Polygon blockchain, has announced the closure of its $4m private fundraising round. The round was led by Moonrock Capital, Genblock Capital, AU21, X21, and Oddiyana Ventures. Other notable Participants include Magnus Capital, Icetea Labs, InnMind, Metrix Capital, Ellipti, Oddiyana Ventures, ZBS Capital, AC Capital, Asteroid Capital, IBC Group, BitCreed Capital, and more.

The Fundraising rounds come after GoFungibles recently introduced its first blockchain-based P2E and P2W endless mobile runner game, MetaRun. The global launch of the game is planned for Q2 in 2022. Early access will be available in February 2022. 

What is MetaRun?


MetaRun is a P2E game with NFT assets which may be traded across the native GoFungibles NFT marketplace. The GoFungibles cross-chain gamified marketplace is expected to launch in January 2022 in partnership with Polygon Studios.

In the future, GoFungibles is aiming to onboard more gaming projects into their platform, allowing NFT assets to be transported between virtual worlds. 

Following the private rounds, the public IDO rounds will be held between January 11th, 2022 through January 13th, 2022. Additionally, a special GoFungibles community-only whitelisting round with a hard cap of $30,000 will be held on the 14th.

For more information about the whitelisting round, join the GoFungibles Discord and visit the following links:

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