Global Innovative Solutions - Building with the Planet in Mind

GSI was launched to offer ecological solutions and reduce pollution on planet earth.

December 27, 2021

What is Global Innovative Solutions (GSI)? 

Global Innovative Solution (GSI) is a project built on Binance Smart Chain that proposes reducing pollution around the world through blockchain technology. GSI aims to clean up the environment from water and air pollution while developing and financing projects that respect nature and are ecologically sustainable. 

With its innovative Green Utility Token $GSI, the protocol will enter the market and establish itself in a non-traditional way by focusing everything on creative projects and support for the environment. In addition, the BEP-20 token will provide new inflationary tokenomics, including buy-back to provide liquidity to the market and prevent the price from losing value. 

In short, GSI is a combination of the crypto economy and environmental sustainability to create revenue for the benefit of the environment. The money generated will reduce pollution to make the planet a better place. 

Reducing Pollution via Blockchain 

GSI is committed to reducing pollution. This is possible thanks to the protocol’s partnership with companies engaged in ecological and eco-sustainable activities like installing water purifiers. 

One water purifier installation helps save 75kg of plastic, 270kg of CO2, 55 liters of diesel oil, and 71kg of oil. This activity will reduce pollution and positively impact the price of $GSI. 

The GSI Ecosystem 

Green Mining 

Every token issued on the market corresponds to tangible physical results. Money cannot be generated if it does not correspond to a real and concrete reduction of pollution certified on blockchain. 

The real impact on the environment will influence mining $GSI. For example, on every 10 tons of CO2 less in the environment, 2,210,000 GSI will be mined and released to holders as a percentage of the tokens held. 

Release at 1% Per Month 

The GSI team has developed a replenishment plan that will avoid depreciation and sustain the value of GSI. After the successful presale, GSI plans to release 1% of tokens every month. 

Therefore, the tokens will remain locked after launch and redeemed at a 1% monthly rate. 

Buy-Back Program 

This feature is an essential aspect of the GSI ecosystem. The GSI team commits to reinvesting 21% of profits generated every month from purchasing GSI tokens in the market. GSI will constantly provide liquidity and prevent the price from losing value with this mechanism. 


GSI will donate 2% of profits to charity every month for water purification and pollution reduction, according to their “2030 Agenda goals.” 


Token Name: Global Innovative Solutions 

Symbol: GSI 

Total Supply: 210,000,000

Circulating Supply: 82,095,238

Liquidity in the Pool: 35% 

Founders: 10% 

Charity: 2%

Marketing: 15%

Team: 5%

Distribution to Holders: 22% 

Statutory Reserve: 11%


Closing Thoughts

The GSI token and partners play a crucial role in the Global Innovative Solutions ecosystem. This serves as an innovative and smart way to involve individuals in supporting the environment with the use of the GSI token.

Pollution is a problem for the environment and the economy at large. With this in mind, GSI looks to make a difference with their green initiative to secure the future of planet earth. 

For more information about GSI, visit the following media pages: 

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