Get Exclusive NFTs of “DeFight” Game Gallus Fighter

The first “DeFight” Metaverse in the BSC ecosystem is about to launch its first offering with substantial rewards for the upcoming launch.

January 4, 2022

Introducing Gallus Fighter

Gallus Fighter is a “DeFight” project based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). DeFight refers to the combination of play-to-earn and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) mechanisms.

Gallus Fighter is an online PVP game where players fight each other with Gallus, hybrids of roosters and dinosaurs which are tied to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), to win resources that can be used to play with, upgrade their collection, or trade in a complete DeFi ecosystem powered by the game.

Gallus Fighter will soon launch their initial 500 exclusive NFTs once the game is deployed.

Playing in Gallus Fighter

You have to own a Gallus NFT to play the game. The NFT is a playable character with its own traits. With it, you can participate in online fights where your goal is to defeat the enemy player with your Gallus fighter, which is also tied to NFT.

You will have to use strategy, audacity or cunning (or all three) to make the best use of your Gallus' abilities to defeat your opponent. The games are very fast-paced, so the game is suitable for all types of players.

All the gaming ecosystem is based on PVP: you can fight other players in 1v1 arenas, play in ranked competition, climb up the leaderboard or even participate in multiplayer tournaments. Some features are in progress for the future, like team battles.

All those fights will allow you to win rewards like $GALLUS tokens, NFTs like ability cards, Gallus fighters to play with or breed, or resources to upgrade your Gallus in this DeFight Metaverse. 

The Gaming Ecosystem

Here’s an overview of the Gallus ecosystem in a nutshell:

  • An NFT Marketplace - Where you can trade all NFT items you have or want to purchase. Gallus Fighters, special abilities for your Gallus, and all the in-game resources are available as NFTs.
  • A DeFi Platform - Where you can use your tokens and NFTs to earn yield in different ways, like locking $GALLUS tokens to earn rewards over time, locking your Gallus fighter as collateral to get yields, improving its statistics or lend it to other players for a fee, or even provide liquidity to a pool and get bonuses by farming your LP tokens.

There will also be a section specially dedicated to the community, where creative users can unleash themselves to design artworks like customized arenas or Gallus Fighter skins, and exchange them in the marketplace with other players.

This game will be powered by the GALLUS token, which is a central pillar of the game:


The Gallus Fighter Metaverse is a community-powered ecosystem where the $GALLUS token powers the whole economy :

  • You earn $GALLUS tokens as in-game rewards
  • You need $GALLUS tokens to trade and buy NFTs of any sort
  • You get yields with $GALLUS tokens
  • You need $GALLUS tokens to breed and upgrade your Gallus fighters
  • You can stake $GALLUS tokens to obtain governance tokens and vote on future decisions. You can also earn rewards for participating in the governance

The NFT Feathers

NFT Feathers are the very first collection of rare digital collectibles that will reveal its DeFight powers in the Gallus Fighter App. They will be revealed at the end of the presale.

These unique pieces of art will grant you future rewards There are 500 exclusive NFT feathers in total, in three different models:

  • 330 Small, which will give you a sufficient quantity of $GALLUS to have a nice collection
  • 150 Medium, which will give you lots of $GALLUS tokens and boost your performances
  • 20 Big, which will give you enough $GALLUS tokens to reach the top PLUS private access to Core Team’s Discord.

As you can see, the bigger the feather the bigger the airdrop amount. More rewards are to come depending on the feathers you get :

Three Special Traits

  1. They are exhibited in 7 different types with various levels of rarity: Lava, Oxyliene, Armored, Metal, Artistic, Jurrasik and Chatsworth Leather. 
  2. When you get a feather, there is a small chance you’ll find a Big Golden Feather - this is the rarest of all feathers you can find in the lot!
  3. Each feather has either a Gold or Silver sticker from the exclusive batch. If you have one of the Big Golden Feathers + gold stickers, you have exclusive access to the private Discord channel with the Gallus Fighter team !

The Next Steps

We are very proud of our journey and there’s still a long way to go. Lots of events will happen in the coming months :

  • Site launch
  • $Gallus token available on PancakeSwap
  • First $GALLUS token staking pool
  • Airdrop
  • Marketplace

We are offering a new way to experience play-to-earn and the community experience that comes with it. With this in mind, we are excited to offer a preview sale for those who want a breath of fresh air in the GameFi universe.
For more information about Gallus Fighters, visit the following links:





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