GAMI World - a Progressive GameFi Launchpad

An innovative launchpad and incubator built for launching the most promising gaming-based projects in the Decentralized Finance industry.

October 25, 2021

Introducing GAMI World 

Incubation processes prepare gaming projects for launchpads by leveraging the opportunities offered by blockchain technology. Every launchpad on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) aims to connect with numerous communities by successfully pitching projects to target audiences and access project funding.

GAMI World is a launchpad and incubator platform that aims at achieving these goals. The protocol merges the gaming world with blockchain technology, connecting their community with leading names in the gaming and blockchain industry. In addition, leading names of gaming and crypto industries are involved in the unique gaming and finance (GameFi) launchpad as advisors, founders, and partners. 

The platform's primary purpose is to provide blockchain-related know-how and technology for GameFi projects to help them reach larger audiences and raise funds to develop their projects. Therefore, the GAMI team and advisors put their effort towards creating a healthy ecosystem. In essence, they carefully choose the best promising projects to be launched by GAMI. The public sale of GAMI token will be on October 28th on their platform.

Why Was GAMI Created? 

Many projects have little or no knowledge of blockchain technology in the GameFi industry, but have a gaming-based idea they want to launch. GAMI took a bold step towards addressing this issue by launching the launchpad and Incubation center. Therefore, projects without experience can leverage the platform to obtain the ideas needed to achieve desired growth in the gaming industry. 

GAMI seeks to build the little shiny gaming ideas until they evolve to become top crypto gaming projects in the long run. 

Core Features of GAMI World 

GAMI's core features are embedded in its incubation process, consisting of eight unique stages to develop projects in the GameFi ecosystem. The core features/incubation process include: 

  • Crypto Marketing: GAMI communicates with the community and other marketing partners accurately about projects. The protocol aims to establish proper information and develop various communication strategies for pre-launch and launchpad. 
  • Non-Fungible Token (NFT): This stage will ensure that GAMI provides planning and software support to align projects with NFT technology. 
  • Gaming: GAMI offers feedback to developers in this stage. The feedback will help developers improve their gaming elements, from visual scripting to core game mechanics, by carrying out strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat (SWOT) analysis. In addition, GAMI would also advise these projects on the blockchain integration process to the existing worlds and evaluate them from the crypto community’s perspective. 
  • Blockchain Development: This phase deals with tokenizing projects, choosing the suitable blockchain to use, production, and whitepaper development plus tokenomics structure. 
  • Finance: The financial positions are analyzed in this phase. Project tokenomics are also optimized, and advice is issued to promote healthy development. 
  • Private Sale: GAMI carries out the early-stage tasks based on its tier system to develop the economic potential of projects that allow them to be included in the incubation process. 
  • Listing and DeFi: After projects launch their Initial DEX Offerings (IDO), GAMI would lay the essential groundwork for the listing and exchange process to ensure the reliability and maintenance of projects. 
  • Bridge Partner: This stage ensures the alignment of tokenized projects with the necessary token protocols. 

Token Tier System 

The token tier system on GAMI is fair for every IDO participant. Every tier has a guaranteed allocation, and the pool weights in each of them are balanced, ensuring that every user is satisfied with the number of tokens realized no matter the tier they fall into. In short, IDO participants do not have to worry about their choice of tiers because the pool weights would yield a decent amount of tokens to each and every one of them.

The token tier list includes Rare, Heroic, Epic, Legendary, and Unique: 


Minimum Staking required: 300 GAMI token 

Duration (Lock-in Period): 5 days 

Guaranteed Pool Weight: 10x 


Minimum Staking Required: 500 GAMI token 

Duration (Lock-in Period): 7 days 

Guaranteed Pool Weight: 20x 


Minimum Staking Required: 1,000 GAMI token 

Duration (Lock-in Period): 10 days 

Guaranteed Pool Weight: 50x 


Minimum Staking Required: 2,000 GAMI token

Duration (Lock-in Period): 15 days

Guaranteed Pool Weight: 100x 


Minimum Staking Required: 9,000 GAMI token 

Duration (Lock-in Period): 30 days

Guaranteed Pool Weight: 500x Plus Private Sale Access 


The GAMI token public sale will commence in a few days. 

GAMI Token Public Sale 

Public sale participants belong to a tier according to the number of tokens they have, even though their tokens are locked. GAMI took to Twitter on October 22nd  to announce the public sale and whitelist details. Users can enter the highest tier as it is still early. 

“The time has arrived. The public sale of GAMI token will be on October 28th on Whitelist coming soon. IDO: October 28th. Listing: October 29th. Price: $0.1. TGE: 25% and then 25% monthly. Initial Market Cap: $253,125,” tweeted GAMI

GAMI will partner with YellowRoad and SafeLaunch, to launch the public sale on October 28th. SafeLaunch and YellowRoad are IDO platforms built on BSC. 


What Makes GAMI World Stand Out? 

The GAMI team is full of professionals with gaming and blockchain backgrounds who are aware of the pros and cons of the crypto ecosystem. In addition, they are well equipped to fix any problem that may arise. GAMI covers a large portion of the gaming ecosystem. The protocol focuses not just on Play-to-Earn games but also e-sport teams, gaming platforms, and influencers. 

With its innovative tier system, accessibility, and guaranteed allocations, GAMI World would ensure that everyone participates in its IDO processes. 

GAMI does not launch projects that they do not believe in by heart. The protocol’s goal remains to avoid projects without use-case. In essence, GAMI will not launch projects that offer nothing to the community other than providing tradeable tokens. They are entirely focused on delivering the highest quality gaming projects with real utility. Therefore, GAMI’s goal is not to launch numerous projects but to launch the right, promising projects. 

To learn more about GAMI World, visit the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

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