GameX - Play-to-Earn

The Binance Smart Chain gaming platform is gearing up to release its first play-to-earn game, Dragon Run.

August 29, 2021

Get Ready for Dragon Run

GameX is launching a Play To Earn Game - Dragon Run which can be played on a PC using GameX’s website.

Dragon Run is a 2D game that will require players to pay $GMX in order to play. Players will be rewarded by $BNB for completing in-game tasks. The more kills, the more $BNB!

In the future the game will be updated with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) characters to use in-game.

The Retro Collection

Dragon Run is the first game to launch out of a series of mini-retro games that will be released. GameX's goal is to build a retro gaming marketplace where people can play many genres of games, including puzzle/racing/strategy/action. All of the games will be 2D play-to-earn, with NFT characters integrated. The concept behind the retro gaming marketplace is to let people enjoy, play, earn, and discover a new world in the GameX Ecosystem. The Retro gaming marketplace is powered by GameX Studios & Fabwelt

GameX is also a passive income opportunity for all its holders. Our holders can stake their $GMX at Tosdis, Token Kennel, GoldFarmio.

Three-Folded Approach

GameX offers three different blockchain services; play-to-earn gaming, passive income (staking), and NFT collections on AirNFT. The NFTs are tasteful and artistic, adding another layer of interest to the project.

GameX’s community is one of the most important aspects of the project. GameX always makes sure to listen to their opinions to keep an open line of communication. Our main Telegram group has 6k+ members, and we have also created 6 different groups with further language support: Philippine, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, Turkish, and Indian.


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