Fundi Finance - Connecting Digital and Reality

Fundi is a powerful decentralized platform that looks to bridge digital assets with real world assets.

John Tunney
July 2, 2021
BSC News

What is Fundi Finance?

Fundi Finance is a new yield farming Automated Market Maker (AMM) finance protocol that looks to offer investors a decentralized community / democratized governance platform for investing. The protocol offers financial services in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Centralized Finance (CeFi), and Real Estate Finance (ReFi) managed and directed by a decentralized governing board. Community governance is a highlight feature of Fundi Finance, which is balanced in unison with their founding board. The company aims to provide digital-to-digital asset collateralization that eliminates the need for fiat backing.


ReFi - Fundi’s Fundamental Concept

An incredibly cool feature of Fundi Finance is what they refer to as ReFi, which stands for real estate-backed finance. The idea is that legally binding NFTs and security tokens on Fundi Finance will represent real world assets. These real world assets could be real estate, art, land, or similar physical assets. Fundi Finance also aims to tokenize and allow community governance for the entire real estate development process. The protocol has two layers; the first focused on finance including lending and yield farming whereas the second layer focuses on bridging digital assets with real world assets. At the moment, Fundi Finance operates on Binance Smart Chain but there are plans to expand to other blockchains over time. 

Key Features of Fundi Finance

  • AMM yield farming
  • Community governance
  • Open-source crowdfunding into exciting new areas for digital asset utility, such as Real Estate, Renewable energy, Natural Resources, Farming, and agriculture
  • Single Asset Staking 
  • Taxes and Disbursement 

Fundi and Ninja Swap Team Up

Fundi has announced they are teaming up with Ninja Swap, a launchpad on Binance Smart Chain. The Fundi team decided on this partnership because they believed the Ninja Swap team was the most transparent and professional option. They will also be holding a pre-launch sale, with the following details from their Medium announcement:

•Total of 4,000 FF tokens, 5% of the 80,000 total supplyallocated for prelaunch sale.

•A cap of 20 FF per user.

•A pre-launch price of $4 per token.

Sale location

•The type of sale will be ATO automatic transfer offering.

•Eligible Digital assets are BNB & BUSD.

•Tokens will be transferred instantly to users wallet.

  • Date of sale: 16th July 2021 @ 17:00 UTC.

AMM Yield Farming 

The Fundi Finance protocol has an automated market maker yield farming function. This feature is integral to the overall functionality of the platform. The purpose is to offer liquidity for digital asset holders who lock up value in the liquidity pool. Fundi Finance looks to reward their investor base by providing liquidity pools that let users deposit their digital assets in return for rewards in digital assets. Fundi Finance also looks to offer lending and borrowing for investors who wish to stake collateral and borrow against it. Their platform looks to be a powerful financial instrument that investors can derive real utility from. 

Community Governance

Fundi Finance has created a novel idea that consists of having a board which is made up of select investors and founders. Users and investors will use the Fundi Finance ($FF) governance tokens to be able to propose motions to the board and vote on every board meeting. The governance token will also come with passive yield income rewards, incentivizing users and investors to hold the token.

1 FF token is equal to 1 vote. The Fundi layer 1 governance $FF token has been live since April 30th, 2021, which can be viewed via BSCscan.

Open-Source Crowdfunding

This is one of the most interesting functions of Fundi Finanace’s protocol. Fundi Finance has built a layer 2 within their platform for the purpose of bridging digital assets with real world tangible assets. For this purpose, Fundi Finance’s layer 2 will have its own native token, $FFST which stands for Fundi Finance Security Token. The $FFST token will function identically to $FF in terms of governance and voting. The areas Fundi Finance looks to explore on their layer 2 include but are not limited to: 

  • Loaning digital assets as a currency to development projects
  • Tokenizing property or land
  • Crowdfunding to property developments 
  • Purchasing real estate  

This layer 2 solution looks to bring to life Fundi Finance’s novel idea of tying digital assets to real world assets, such as real estate, shares, and land. In essence, Fundi wishes to provide digital asset liquidity to centralized institutions, and back the value of their token with physical collateral.

Single Asset Staking

Fundi Finance will offer users who believe in Fundi’s vision the option to stake their Fundi (FF) or Creation (CRA) tokens in single asset stakes, allowing them to earn more FF and CRA tokens as a reward.


All transactions on Fundi Finance will incur a 0.3% tax on withdrawals, deposits, stake, and harvests. There is also a 2% tax on all LP deposits and single staking withdrawals. BUSD buys will also incur a 1.5% fee.

The taxes will be collected by the platform and relocated to a locked vault. Once the desired amount of FUNDI ($FF) has been farmed, the locked vault will be released, rewarding users that have held their $FF tokens. The Fundi Finance team has also promised to report accounts to the community investors. This account reporting will happen each quarter, giving investors a clear view and understanding of what is happening behind the scenes. 

The Fundi Finance Vault Address ~ <0xCf51c8F18D7366802e5CFb371e6E16De663081c2>  


Fundi Finance has two major tokens on their platform, the FUNDI token $FF and the CREATION token $CRA. 

$FF is the token native to Fundi Finance’s layer 1 solution that grants holders voting rights, digital rewards from taxes, and liquidity pools where users can stake their $FF tokens and earn a passive digital income. $FF holders will also be rewarded with an Fundi Finance Security Token ($FFST) airdrop when the protocol is ready to distribute their layer 2 token. 

$FF has a total supply of 80,000 tokens which will be distributed as such:

  • 15% team allocation and protocol development (10% will be locked for 6 months)
  • 50% reward farming incentives (LP and SINGLE asset) 
  • 5% public presale
  • 2% private team sale 
  • 5% marketing
  • 3% community reward incentives 
  • 20% liquidity for PCS and reserves

CREATION ($CRA) is a digital currency that will be used as a medium of exchange on the Fundi Finance protocol. The token will function like a currency in digital to digital transactions. $CRA will also be loanable and will also be, if needed, given as a financial reward. There are 150 million $CRA tokens that have been minted. The tokens are in theory unlimited, but Fundi Finance aims to keep the token threshold around 150 million by implementing token burning algorithms in the smart contracts. 

The $CRA 150 million token’s distribution is as follows: 

  • 6% Private Sale 
  • 6% Public Sale
  • 2% Marketing
  • 13% Protocol 
  • 5% Community invectives 
  • 5% Partnership Incentives 
  • 53% Liquidity rewards 
  • 10% Reserved Liquidity to PCS

Concluding Thoughts

The purpose of Fundi Finance is to provide investors with unique investment opportunities and reward systems that will provide them an investing platform that relies heavily on community governance. The platform offers many diverse benefits and options to investors, especially those interested in real world assets. As more crypto becomes more mainstream, it would seem only reasonable to build platforms that better merge the digital asset world with the tangible asset world. This is where Fundi Finance looks to create value. 

For more information, visit Fundi Finance’s website and social media handles.






Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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