FUEL Emissions Have Halted, What Does This Mean for the JetFuel Ecosystem?

$FUEL becomes 100% deflationary following its founding 6 months ago.

John Tunney
June 6, 2021
BSC News

No More Emissions

On June 5th, Jetfuel Finance announced via Twitter that $FUEL has become 100% deflationary. The emissions have now ended and team continues burning the $FUEL token. Jetfuel is a popular yield farming and yield aggregator platform that brings features from prominent DeFi projects such as Compound, Fry.World (Abandoned), Yearn and Harvest on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

As emissions come to an end, it means that there is now no new $FUEL entering the market. With the current burn in place too, the supply of $FUEL will begin to go down. Jetfuel Finance is also offering passive income for $FUEL holders by converting $FUEL to $JETS to passively earn while increasing one's $FUEL stack. Rewards can still be earned on JetSwap through $FUEL liquidity pools or convert $FUEL to $JETS to receive protocol revenue, which can be read about more in this article.

Updates and Earnings

All the big deflationary news is massive for the Jetfuel protocol, yet the breaking story just doesn’t stop with the end of emissions. Jetfuel finance also released their bi-weekly update and it's a big one. They detailed partnerships with some major platforms in DeFi. Jetfuel finance has now partnered with:


Jetfuel Finance is also coming off their recently launched DEX, named JetSwap. JetSwap locked an impressive $110million in under 36 hours since release. More can be read about the massive Jetfuel Finance update here. In a turbulent market, Jetfuel Finance has been thriving, creating tons of value for their protocol. 


The significance of the end of emissions in the $FUEL token is tremendous for the platform. The coin has a strong use case and no longer battles inflation. Not only that but as a result of the burn being in place, the supply of the coin will go down. 

As the protocol continues to pump out powerful updates, features, and partnerships, $FUEL looks poised for a bright future. It will be very interesting to see how an end to inflation affects the long-term value and sentiment of the coin. 

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