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FTX US Allows Direct Multichain Stablecoin Withdrawals for USD

This type of flexibility is not seen on other major exchanges like Coinbase or Binance US and could be a game-changer.

FTX US Bridges Multichain Stablecoins

Finding a place for withdrawals of USD is not the easiest thing for crypto users. Fees and limits abound, plus if you are a multi-chain degen, finding the best chain to offload can be more of a pain. For Binance Smart Chain users in the United States, FTX US has the best withdrawal and deposit service around.

The key service from FTX has been around for some time but was recently highlighted in a Twitter post by President of FTX.US Brett Harrison. FTX US combines five USD pegged stablecoins with USD liquidity into interchangeable liquidity. 

Users can freely transfer the stablecoins and the USD via wire transfers, ACH, and credit cards into fiat institutions in an unlimited capacity as well. Whether it's a BUSD BEP-20 token or a USDC ERC-20 token, the process is frictionless. 

“FTX US has a significant feature that separates it from other US exchanges: fiat USD and USD stable coins are treated as fully interchangeable,” tweeted Harrison on January 24. “This makes it easy to convert between USD and USD stable coins, and helps consolidate order book liquidity.”

The sheer ability to do this is a game-changer for Binance Smart Chain users in the United States. The line between crypto and fiat just blurred and FTX US has forged a frictionless unity between stablecoins and the USD. They do it for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, truly combining a multichain world. 


What is FTX?

FTX is a trader-first exchange that offers innovative products, including industry-first derivatives, options, volatility products, and leveraged tokens. FTX strives to develop a platform robust enough for professional trading firms while at the same time being intuitive enough for first-time users.

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