FEED Token: A Charity Project Based on Blockchain, FEEDing the World

The year 2020 was marked by untold economic collapse, hunger, and sickness caused by the coronavirus. FEED Token will be the hope many seek in the real world, backed by a doxxed team; the project aims to feed the world’s hunger.

What is FEED Token?

FEED Token provides one of the three necessities for life: food. The team aims to combat the increasing world hunger and economic issues in many developing economies. FEED Token is committed to working with Hunger Organizations around the world to help people in need.

FEED Token

Key Features

The platform features include the following:

  • A charity oriented token working to feed the hungry of the world
  • Active collaboration with hunger organizations to ensure the donations
  • 10% of the tokens in the charity wallet will be dedicated to hunger organizations worldwide to stop hunger. Donations can be made multiple times in a month.

The token also has features that help preserve its value; this includes

  • Reflection
  • Locked Auto Liquidity
  • Renounced Contract Ownership

Project Composition

The public team has revealed that the mission of the project is to;

  • Help assist the needy and hungry of the world through established organizations. 
  • Creation of benefits events 
  • Philanthropic and digital marketing actions
  • Help reduce hunger, reduce food waste and improve nutrition.

The project targets regions that include Africa and Asia. Both regions are home to enormous hunger in the world. The team will be consolidating its effort to serve this region with a robust donor community, an open team, and an open donation process. The token comes with features that create additional value to the platform, these features are expanded below.


FEED Tokens is integrated with RFI features which redistributes 3% of every transaction to holders in proportion to their token balance. Reflectionary tokens allow for auto staking that rewards holders for simply holding. This means every time people transact with the tokens; holders are rewarded.

Auto Locked Liquidity

2% of all transactions are converted to FEED/BNB LP tokens and are locked forever. This continues to increase the LP pool and permanently grow the price floor for FEED Token.

Contract Ownership:

The ownership of the contract has been renounced, eliminating the chance of a potential rugpull event. The LP contract has been renounced in a dead address at the start of the project.

The team is fully doxxed and one of the few tokens from Latin America. Revealing their identity, the team has gone further to show their headquarters right on this YouTube video. A move aims to strengthen further investors’ confidence level and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) community.


Total supply: 100,000,000 Feed tokens.

  • Reflection: 3% of every transaction will be redistributed to all holders, based on how many Feed tokens they hold in their wallet.
  • Auto Liquidity: 2% of every transaction contributes to the liquidity pool.
  • Locked Liquidity from Angel Investors & Presale (100% of total liquidity locked after presale)
  • Contract ownership renounces after listing.
  • Team/Charity/Marketing/Angel Investors wallets vested from Smart contract.
  • Transactions are limited to 1 Million $FEED tokens per operation.

Token Distribution

$FEED Token Distribution



  • Launch our final website
  • Blockfolio listing
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Coingecko listing
  • Official White Paper
  • Becoming a legal entity
  • Having logo and price available on Trust Wallet
  • Keep donating to foundations against world hunger
  • Merch store (all profits go to charity wallet)


  • Being listed on CEX exchanges
  • Partnership with certified charity institutions
  • Promote $FEED in the mainstream media
  • Start our $FEED Foundation


  • Partnership with celebrities to take $FEED globally
  • Being listed on a major exchange
  • Launch the $FEED projects (finance research and development projects to fight hunger)
  • Implement additional uses for $FEED

The Coingecko listing and CoinMarketCap listing has been completed. Also FEED token has become a legal entity, FEED Token LLC. Becoming one will give it a legal standing in the corporate world. The other part of the Q2 roadmap is the project’s current phase. All other plans are concentrated on listings, marketing, and donations --driving further growth to the protocol.

Final Thoughts

In the recent wave of the bull market, various projects have made reasonable efforts to donate to the needy and hungry of the world. The FEED token’s team efforts and attempt to contribute to this growing concern are commendable. 

Users who wish to learn more about FEED Token should check out the following resources and media pages:




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