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Faraland Teases Future Features in Development for BNB Chain Game

Faraland nears completion on its Wheel Of Fortune, where players spend tickets earned through staking for a chance at rare rewards.

Faraland, PlayAndEarn game on BNB Chain, is set to release future updates to its protocol.

The team reached out to BSC News to share some of the new features in the pipeline. One that is nearing completion is the game’s Wheel of Fortune and five new staking quests. The two mechanics are connected as tickets acquired from staking quests are used to spin the wheel for a chance to get the rewards, like rare materials.

Source: Faraland
“There are many exciting feature in the upcoming months. We plan to release more activity for guilds, as well as improving the gameplay by introducing more skills, equipment effects, custom matchmaking and so on,” Faraland CMO Kelvin Phan told BSC News. “We also plan to introduce a whole new side of Faraland. Faraland's Comic is a step closer to [establishing Faraland’s] brand. I can say for the whole team that we are hyped on this.”

Custom matchmaking is a feature that the community has been waiting for and is excited to see. This allows for healthy competition between guild members and adds more player activity to the game. Faraland also plans to release a “traditional version” of the game, which will be on the App Store and Google Play. This allows the project to attract both blockchain and traditional gamers on the same server.

Source: Faraland

With all these updates lined up, it might be easy to overlook that Faraland has been busy improving its protocol in the past weeks.

“The team has worked hard in the past few months and we have achieved quite a few thing as well. We increased the frequency of tournaments which resulted in a hyping up period for our users,” said Phan. “We are constantly improving on the PvP feature with frequent updates on gameplay and race-skill. We have also released new crafting recipes and adding more Item sets to the Lake of the Lake reward pool. Our users followed with an instant explosion in equipment trading and fees burning.”

Faraland also airdropped Sauron’s Crown, a new piece of equipment for the dedicated members of Faraland’s elite group. Guild rewards can now be accumulated through tournament participation. A member’s “Elo rating” is stacked with each tournament, the total of which is a measure of the Guild’s strength. The Guild with a higher Guild Strength receives valuable NFT rewards at the end of each tournament.

Lastly, the team implemented a new energy recovery mechanic based on the number of heroes inside a player’s wallet.

With 1,800 users in the past 30 days, Faraland is the 27th most popular game on BNB Chain, according to DappRadar. The project’s FARA token has a current market cap of $1.4 million, according to CoinMarketCap.

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