Faraland Steadies as Top BSC GameFi After Public Launch

The RPG NFT game steadies as one of the top games on the Binance Smart Chain.

Enzo Martin
November 26, 2021
BSC News

Public Beta Launches Faraland to Top of BSC Games

Faraland called all their champions to the public beta of their RPG NFT game.

The Faraland team was quick to release a patch to fix some opening day bugs nearly a day into the Public Beta. With a security score of 93, the play to earn blockchain game became one of the security score leaders on the Binance Smart Chain days after the public beta announcement according to Certic.com. In a tweet on November 24, the official Faraland twitter account announced the feat to all its Champions of their metaverse.

“Today news: Faraland remains in the top 10 projects with the highest security score on #BSC, audited by Certik. Our aim is to create products with high reliability to protect investors' assets.!” Faralanad tweeted out.

Heroes are the heart and soul of the project as it is the NFT you need in order to play the game. The Faraland marketplace is the place to go if you want to get your hands on one of their Hero NFTs. According to their website, all 20,000 of their heroes have already been summoned.

What is Faraland?

With a goal to become the leading game on the Binance Smartchain, Faraland is a role playing strategy mobile multiplayer game that integrates NFT blockchain technology. It features heroes of several different ethnicities or races - Humans, Orcs, Elves, Fairies, Dragonborns, Angels, and Demons.  Each Hero is special and unique - not just your normal NFT collectible. They allow the players to engage in combat inside the Faraland metaverse. Check out their website to know more about Faraland.

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Enzo Martin

Enzo is a proud Filipino with a master's degree in Economics from the International University of Japan. He is heavily invested in researching economic principles that govern the crypto and P2E space. Outside the blockchain network, Enzo plays various sports, loves to travel and takes a lot of photos. His heaviest bags are in Ethereum, NFTs, and multichain Play-to-Earn projects.

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