Exploring the Miami Bitcoin Conference

This event could make a huge difference for the community thanks to the high-profile attendees.

Robert D. Knight
June 5, 2021
Blockchain News

The Miami Conference

After an extended period without any major in-person crypto conferences, Miami is about to play host to what it calls “the largest Bitcoin event in history”. With 12,000 tickets sold and a host of high profile speakers including former Congressman Ron Paul, Senator Cynthia Lummis, Michael Saylor, Jack Dorsey, Tony Hawk and Nick Szabo, the Bitcoin Conference 2021 looks set to live up to the hype.


Changes From Previous Years

This year will see the Bitcoin Conference relocate from the West coast to the East as the event switches from its usual home in LA to Miami for the very first time. The event is also happening a little later in the year than is normally the case (June 4th–5th) to accommodate the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the US.

The event kicks off with an address from former Congressman Ron Paul, “We Need Monetary Freedom”, and goes on to cover a wide array of topics related to Bitcoin. A few highlights include a ‘fireside chat’ with Michael Saylor hosted by Max Keiser, a talk by Nick Szabo on the “History of Money” and “Banking the Unbanked” with Jack Dorsey. There will also be a number of panels such as “Proof Of Reserves” featuring Noah Buxton, Sam Abbassi, Salvatore Ternullo and Nic Carter. Besides Bitcoin related discussion, Tony Hawk will be conducting a number of demos over the two days, while Floyd Mayweather will also be in attendance to add a bit of celebrity sheen to proceedings. Tony Hawk will also be conducting a meet and greet.

Another component of the conference will be an eSports event featuring Bitcoin enabled games including Counterstrike: Global Offensive and the Bitcoin Grand Rally, with significant BTC prizes for grabs. There will further be a showcase of games compatible with Bitcoin.

Significant prizes to be won in the eSports arena


While limited numbers of conferences have taken place over the past year, most have been much reduced in scale or remote attendance only. Bitcoin Conference 2021 is a welcome return to normality.

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Robert D. Knight

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